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Nintendo would bet on a big change for upcoming consoles after Nintendo Switch 2

nintendo would bet on a big change for upcoming consoles

Apparently, from Nintendo they would be thinking of an alliance with Qualcomm for their next portable consoles, although it would not apply to Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo would bet on a big change for upcoming consoles after Nintendo Switch 2

All eyes in the big N environment are currently focused on Nintendo Switch 2, since the great 2023 launch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the calendar for the second half of 2023 have already taken place. year at the moment is somewhat paralyzed. At the moment, those from Kyoto point to next year to find out new information about hardware, but the leaks and rumors do not stop happening regarding this matter. In fact, one of Nintendo’s latest moves could point towards next generations beyond the successor to Nintendo Switch.

This is due to the conversations that Nintendo would have had with Qualcomm, the well-known manufacturer of mobile phone chips. According to company spokespersons, in recent times they have held conversations with both PlayStation and Nintendo regarding future projects for portable consoles, although this does not mean that they will be responsible for them. “Those companies [PlayStation y Nintendo] are interested in having portable gaming capabilities. For this reason, obviously they have approached and talked to us. I think, in general, they would approach someone like Qualcomm because they know how big we are in gaming within Android,” revealed Alex Katouzian, vice president of Qualcomm.

For now It does not detail what exactly that association would consist of. if it came to fruition, but having two industry giants in the talks would be a very important move for Qualcomm. In this way, it would confirm Nintendo’s intention to continue betting on the portable model in the future, something that also seems to figure in the future strategy of PlayStation.


The first details of the Nintendo Switch 2 desEsports Extrascould have already been leaked

Although this movement would fall on the next generations, the most immediate in the Nintendo environment is the arrival of Nintendo Switch 2. The latest information about the next Nintendo console focuses on its design, which according to sources, will have a slightly larger screen than that of the current model, as well as its controls, which are of larger and somewhat more rounded in its design, although they suggest that it will be something more ugly than the current model.

For now, There is no official detail from the Japanese companySo it will be time to wait for the right moment when the big N decides to reveal its plans for the future for the next generation.

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