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How will Nintendo overcome the generational transition?




It has been almost 7 years since nintendo switch market came out, having an expectation that had been dragging on with the failure of Wii UHowever, its fresh proposal of having the hybrid device par excellence managed to convince the public and as a result it has become the best-selling console in Japan. However, its technology is already lagging behind, so the way forward is its respective successor, and it seems that managers already have plans to not lose the pace of good sales.

During a new question and answer session, the company's CEO was asked, Shuntaro Furukawa, what are the risks they take into account regarding their new leap in generation, and if they think that success will be maintained with the hardware planned for the future. Having an answer that may feel modest, given that they mention they will go with specific caution, since in the change of Wii to Wii U They trusted themselves, and this was their path of failures with a device that did not even reach 10% of what was previously achieved.

Here are the comments from the executive:

We approach our business every day with a deep sense of urgency.

The generational transition of platforms in the dedicated game console business is never easy. We have experienced significant challenges after successful platforms several times, so we never consider our current situation to be completely safe.

Furthermore, as you have pointed out, our business is always exposed to great competition. From a broader entertainment perspective, not only video games but also various forms of entertainment are competitors in this industry. In this environment, there is a growing need, more than ever, to continue offering unique propositions to become a brand that customers choose.

To this they add a point of view in which they will remain at the forefront with innovation:

To continue providing innovative entertainment that can be enjoyed by our customers around the world, we believe that continuing our dedicated hardware and software integrated game console business is the best strategy at this time. As such, we are advancing various research and development efforts.

Since our products are not daily necessities, if they are not interesting, we quickly lose people's attention. Therefore, it is crucial to continue efforts to make Nintendo feel close, even outside of the dedicated game console, increase customers who support Nintendo intellectual property in the long term, and maintain connections with our customers.

It is worth mentioning that the questions around the Switch 2 have been evaded by Furukawaso we will have to continue paying attention to live events to learn about the future of the company.

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Editor's note: With the statement they have given, now more attention is drawn to what the successor to Switch will be like, since it is talking about innovation and that means that it will have something new to distinguish itself from the already known model. Well, we will be patient to see what will happen to the company.

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