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No joke! You can now clean Lara Croft’s house

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powerwash simulator 6213855

Locking up the butler and jumping through the training course in the garden with Lara: If we think back to the imposing Croft family estate, pleasant memories come to mind. Thanks to a rather unusual crossover, we can now revisit the famous training level from Tomb Raider. And it gets even better: we can even clean the magnificent building of the world-famous archaeologist!


The PowerWash Simulator makes it possible

With the PowerWash Simulator, one of the most unusual simulators appeared in 2022 for Xbox consoles (also in Game Pass). Here it is our job, equipped with a high-pressure cleaner, to remove dirt from dirty cars, playgrounds and buildings like a fire station.

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On January 31st, coinciding with the release for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, a free Tomb Raider update will be released, with which we can bring the filthy Croft Manor back to its former glory. You can see what the level looks like here in the trailer:


PowerWash Simulator - Tomb Raider update and release announced for PlayStation + Switch

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PowerWash Simulator – Tomb Raider update and release announced for PlayStation & Switch

As you can see in the trailer, we not only have to clean the Croft Manor from the outside, clean up the training ground and hose down Lara’s fleet, we also have to go inside the manor. Here we have to take care of the magnificent treasures of the family and a T-Rex, among other things.


A game for relaxation

While it may sound a little strange at first to virtually clean buildings, the PowerWash Simulator can be extremely relaxing and satisfying. How exactly, Annika tells you in her article:

According to a press release accompanying the update, Lara’s estate “introduces the post-release period in style”. It is therefore quite possible that we will be allowed to clean other well-known levels in the future.


Which famous level or building should also find its way into PowerWash Simulator?

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