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Nobody Saves the World celebrates its first anniversary with a free update

Nobody Saves the World celebrates its first anniversary by offering fans a new free update that adds a series of new challenges and a new way to unlock. The update, known as Impossible Dungeon Updateis available now and will allow players to delve into an “endless carnival-themed dungeon”, with the option to do so as the new form, the Dinosaur.

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As indicated in the press release, players will have to enter Jimmy’s Impossible Dungeon to face this challenge, which will include several floors of increasingly demanding combat, which will have to be overcome against the clock. The better you do, it will reward you with tickets that you can use to build memorial statues in any shape available in the game.

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As for the Dinosaur form, it will have, like the others, its own abilities and missions. Take a look at the Dino and the new dungeon in action below.

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Nobody Saves the World