“Not even if my life goes into it”; we are victims of RPG evil and not even Baldur’s Gate 3 has managed to change us | Top News

"not even if my life goes into it"; we are

Tom Henry

“Not even if my life goes into it”; we are victims of RPG evil and not even Baldur’s Gate 3 has managed to change us | Top News

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I would like to start this article with two questions. First of all,how many living beings have you killed in Baldur’s Gate 3? That for one thing. On the other, how many useless items you have accumulated in your inventory and/or traveler’s box just in case? If a complicit smile has escaped you, I’m sorry, you have —like me— the RPG Syndrome.

It is well known by many that, since time immemorial, the video game industry has offered us dozens of options. Specifically, not a few role titles have allowed us experience magic and fantasy in ways rarely seen. In that sense, the new from Larian Studios is especially good.

Unfortunately, not even the Belgians have been able to stop the players from doing the same old thing. That is to say, to solve everything with violence at the time in which they manage everything that was not attached to the ground. So much so that I have remembered those bad (and very good) times when Bethesda made me even collect beer mugs in Skyrim… Just in case.

Not even Baldur’s Gate 3 has prevented death and/or full inventories from being the daily bread

Yes, Dovahkiin hurt me a lot, but I am sure that I have not been the only one with Diógenes Virtual. And I am not talking solely and exclusively about picking up any object thinking about the future even knowing that it will be of no use, but about save items so much that it is even unproductive. In other words, how many scrolls, potions and consumables have you decided not to use for when the moment of reckoning arrives?

Surely you have more than one item reserved for that epic duel that will make you spend everything. spoilers: It’s not going to happen. You’re not going to spend them. Me neither. And you know what? It doesn’t matter, because everyone enjoys video games in their own waybut it is still true that role-playing games have a ‘problem’ with this.

It is very difficult for us to part with almost any item, be it iron ingots in case we can build a weapon with them, gems that we don’t know if they will be used for something magical or resources, resources and more resources. Curiously, just the opposite happens when it comes to cutting lives. I’m not saying it always happens, but… Have you hesitated when it came to sowing chaos with the blow of magic and sword? It’s funny, but it seems easier to chop off a head than to sell a gem of no apparent use. And then there is the other: collect absolutely everything to sell it for a real pittance

Kill? No problem. Sell ​​a gem? Not even if my life goes into it

I’m not ashamed (a little yes) of my inventory in Baldur’s Gate 3

That is why I speak of two great evils. Funny, yes, but very real.. And that in Dungeons and Dragons, the universe on which Baldur’s Gate 3 is based —the example of the day— it is highly frowned upon to murder someone. Beyond bandits and criminals, solving everything with violence is rare. After all, it claims to be a mirror of reality, but in a fantasy world.

The most normal thing is that people solve things differently and that they do not constantly resort to the cold steel of their dagger. Us, as players, we break that idiosyncrasy without any difficulty. In fact, if we compare ourselves with the rest of the citizens of the world, we are strange entities. We go at a different pace, but not because we are chosen, but because our behavior lacks the ethics, morals and/or the internal norms of these virtual societies.

So much so that, although it may seem strange to you, in DnD goblins are not always evil beings. Neither did the kobodls. That -when the story progresses- the game shows us very well with other races and characters, but I will keep the secret; the spoilers they are not pretty Be that as it may, and although I love it Baldur’s Gate 3, it is undeniable that it also suffers from the two great ills of the RPG. And you know what? so be it.

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