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Now FIFA 23 is really worth it: players celebrate “the best season ever”

now fifa 23 is really worth it: players celebrate "the

In FIFA 23 the TOTS event is imminent and a new season in UItimate Team begins just in time. This brings extremely heavy rewards with strong icon cards and strong free packs.

For the big TOTS event, EA Sports tweaked the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team rewards and made them much more attractive.


This changes for the Weekend League and Division Rivals: From now on, current TOTS cards are in the Weekend League Rewards instead of the Team-of-the-Week cards, which are now mostly too weak.

Likewise, TOTW cards are now available as a reward in Division Rivals, at least between Divisions 1 and 4. Players hanging out between Divisions 5 and 10 will receive new TOTS loan rewards.

But above all the season rewards, which are all too often quite uninteresting and bring packs and cards that usually only serve as SBC fodder, surprise this time with extremely strong rewards.


Fans Celebrate: “Best Season Rewards Ever”

These rewards are now available: The new Season Rewards, which can be earned by earning XP, bring very strong rewards that have not existed in this form before.

Rooney (92) and Desailly (92) FUT Birthday icons especially stand out as they are very popular in FUT 23 and have damn good stats. Rooney in particular can convince with his 5-star skills and his grandiose shot, speed and physique values.

Here are a few highlights from the rewards:

  • Level 5: 1x TOTS Moments Reyna (91) or 1x Five Player Pack (85+)
  • Level 10: 1x TOTS Moments Payet (91) or 1x 85+ x10 Player Pack
  • Level 15: 1x TOTS Moments Caicedo (90) or 1x Fifteen 83+ Player Pack
  • Level 17: 1x 83+ Dual Player Pack
  • Level 20: 1x FUT Birthday Icon Desailly (92) or Player Pick with 1 of 3 3+ EFIGS TOTS (England, France, Italy, Germany, USA)
  • Level 25: 1x Flashback Player Jésus Navas (92) or 1x Five Player Pack (85+)
  • Level 29: Rare Mega Pack
  • Level 30: 1x FUT Birthday Icon Rooney (92) or player choice with 1 of 5 90+ PL/LaLiga/Ligue 1 TOTS

That’s what the community says about the strong rewards: The new season rewards are being discussed on Reddit and fans mostly think that EA has done everything right here. We show you a few comments:

  • Resident_Cup740: “Fair play by EA. They really nailed it with these Season Rewards. They actually look worthwhile for once.”
  • GeorgeCuz: Not only do you look amazing, every decision is tough. You actually have to consider what reward you’re taking. Which is usually not a question with season rewards.”
  • M4ur1c100: “Best season ever, great job EA.”
  • SHquilleOrKneel: “The worst part is that I have to choose. Do I take Desailly, Rooney and Navas, packs as fodder or the guaranteed TOTS cards?”
  • SakisSinatra: “Is EA ok? They bring really good season rewards? Wtf?”

What do you think of the rewards? Do you already know which ones you’re going to get? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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