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Now probably final: According to the Xbox leak, The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released for PS5

now probably final: according to the xbox leak, the elder

One or two PS5 owners without Xbox and PC are likely to react to this message in one way or another.

After Starfield comes The Elder Scrolls 6 and since Bethesda now belongs to Microsoft, the Skyrim sequel will probably suffer exactly the same fate as the SciFi RPG: It will be released exclusively for the Xbox ecosystem and therefore not for the PS5 or its successor. But it’s not completely official yet; so far it’s only emerged from a Microsoft leak (via: Axios).

That’s what it’s about: Skyrim is set to have a successor, Elder Scrolls 6, which has already been announced. When exactly the game will be released is far from certain, it will probably take a while. But due to the Zenimax and thus Bethesda takeover by Microsoft, there is of course speculation about the release platforms.

This teaser already exists for Elder Scrolls 6 from several years ago:


The Elder Scrolls 6 - Teaser Trailer: It Actually Exists, But Don't Expect It Too Soon - Teaser Trailer: It Actually Exists, But Don't Expect It Too Soon

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The Elder Scrolls 6 – Teaser Trailer: It Actually Exists, But Don’t Expect It Too Soon – Teaser Trailer: It Actually Exists, But Don’t Expect It Too Soon


So far it has been said by Microsoft Officially, possible Xbox exclusivity for titles like Starfield or TES 6 will always be “decided on a case-by-case basis”. At Starfield we all know by now that this case decision has become an Xbox exclusive that will not be released for PS5. It remains extremely doubtful whether anything will change at some point.

This is probably also the case with Elder Scrolls 6: According to a leak purporting to show internal Microsoft responses from the FTC court hearing, The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be coming to the PlayStation family of consoles. Since we don’t yet know when the title will come out, it could also be a successor to the PS5. So it will probably only be released for PC and the Xbox Series S/X (or its successor).


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Not too much of a surprise: Although hope always dies last, appropriate planning on the part of Microsoft was foreseeable – even if around the takeover Todd Howard and Co repeatedly emphasized that Microsoft “does not believe in exclusivity”. Especially now that Starfield has definitely not been released for PS5.


But beware! Although this is an extremely reputable and reliable source, there is still no official announcement or anything like that. So you should still treat this leak with due caution. Of course, things and plans can still change, but we don’t know if that’s really still the case.

When is The Elder Scrolls 6 coming now? Although the Skyrim sequel was announced years ago, it will still be a while until TES 6 is released. At least that much is certain. The Microsoft plans that have now been leaked state that the fantasy RPG can appear in 2026 at the earliest, but perhaps later. So we probably have to wait at least three more years.

What do you think about The Elder Scrolls most likely becoming an Xbox exclusive? How did you deal with this at Starfield?