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NVIDIA Cuts Off RTX 4090 Supply Because RTX 4080 Isn’t Selling

Nobody doubts that the RTX 4070 Ti has landed on its feet on the market. In little more than a month it was already at the levels of the two AMD RX 7000 and approaching the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. But this does not worry NVIDIA, which has fixed a curious problem that we have talked about some time and that seems to be totally real and not a hypothetical case. The RTX 4090 has been selling too well, while the RTX 4080 is doing the complete opposite. Will NVIDIA lower the price of the second to make it more attractive and increase sales? Well… Let’s talk about RTX 4090 supplybetter.

The most obvious solution is not the most interesting, we understand that for economic reasons, so NVIDIA’s solution is much more aggressive and is going to be liked much less than one might expect.

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RTX 4080, dismal sales vs. RTX 4090, NVIDIA cuts off supply

After takeoff comes the bump, and it is not that it was not expected. The first 24 hours were crazy and everything was sold, but after that sales have been falling steadily and apparently the RTX 4080 has taken the brunt of it. Why is it cheaper than her older sister? Well, basically because of the little disparity in prices compared to the performance offered by both cards. People have preferred to stretch out a bit and opt for the best of them, leaving the slowest in ostracism.


The most logical thing would be promote this RTX 4080 with promotions or discounts, but not. What it looks like NVIDIA will do is not ship as many RTX 4090s until the existing stock of RTX 4080s is depleted. This naturally forces people who want or need a new GPU to opt for the slower and cheaper version over the more expensive. expensive and powerful, because if there is no stock of the latter, the options become RTX 4080 or RTX 4070 Ti.

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Did NVIDIA count on it?


Well that’s a great question. What we know now is that after the first week of launch the RTX 4090 was almost out of stock and in certain countries it was practically impossible to find. The reasons for this come to us now: NVIDIA deliberately limited the supply of this modelwe suppose that seeing the sales they decided that the RTX 4080 had to have more prominence.


Currently, and depending on the country where you look, there is availability of RTX 4090, many below 1,900 euros, which is still high, but is already officially below MSRP + tax by almost $50. On the other hand, the RTX 4080 can be found in a greater number of models and at more interesting prices, which, on the other hand, are too close to the top models of the RTX 4070 Ti.

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Some of these models can already be found for less than 1,350 euroswhile the best models of the extinct RTX 4080 12 GB are close to 1,200 euros. Given the difference in performance and VRAM, it seems that NVIDIA is also pushing the sales of the RTX 4080 above that of the RTX 4070 Ti. The question is, will they get it? Will the supply of the RTX 4090 return to normal levels once the RTX 4080 drops and with it the prices of the first?


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