NVIDIA earns 21% less in a year, AMD is just 8% off in revenue

In the world of graphics cards for decades we have two large companies competing to see which offers the best GPUs for gaming. We are talking about NVIDIA and AMD (previously as ATI) who have been rivals in a very competitive market for many years. Now it is the turn to compare what they have gained in terms of revenue both NVIDIA and AMD during this last trimesterto see how you can compare two companies so similar and at the same time with such different objectives.

Both AMD and NVIDIA have offered us low, medium and high-end graphics cards during all this time and except for the differences with Ray Tracing in recent years, the rest of the time they have been on par on many occasions. We can go back years, where we could see how the GPUs of both companies gave similar results, although as we already know, the best sellers are those of NVIDIA. If we compare their income taking into account that the gaming sector includes the sale of GPUs, we would consider that AMD has the odds to lose. However, now that we are going to look at all the sectors, we will find a advantage Lisa Su’s company has on Huang’s that will allow him to get very close to his income.

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NVIDIA has only achieved 11% more revenue than AMD in Gaming

When it comes to buying a graphics card, most gamers are clear: they want a NVIDIA RTX. Whether due to the fact that it has technologies such as DLSS, Ray Tracing works much better or a few best drivers, the choice of an NVIDIA over an AMD is usually the most common. AMD, for its part, offers cheaper GPUs in various ranges on the market, where for example its RX6600 It has a better power/price ratio than the famous RTX 3060. However, its performance plummets in Ray Tracing and although they can use scaling technologies such as FSR, being open source and compatible with other graphics cards, we cannot say that it is exclusive to their GPUs.

However, it is one thing to want a powerful and expensive NVIDIA RTX and another thing to buy it or be able to afford it. And it is that, as HXL has shown on Twitter, in terms of revenue in the last quarter of 2022, NVIDIA barely pulls out a 11% advantage in gaming with its 1,831 million of dollars. And it is that, AMD has stayed with 1,644 million dollars, a figure that has only fallen by 7% compared to Q4 2021, that is, in the middle of the mining season. In fact, here was the NVIDIA’s dominance in cryptominingsince in that same quarter it reached $3.62 billion in income, doubling the 1.763 million AMD.

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It should be noted that this includes the console salesso in AMD we would include the sales of playstation and xboxwhile at NVIDIA we are left with the nintendoswitch and the service GeForce NOW that enters the gaming segment.

NVIDIA dominates in data centers, AMD in embedded processors

Jensen Huang CEO Cheap GPUs NVIDIA

Continuing with the rest of the data, we see a clear dominance of NVIDIA in the sector of the data centers. And it is that, here the Huang company takes nothing less than 3,616 million dollarswhile AMD is left with just under half, only 1,655 million dollars in income. From here is where we will have to separate both companies, since each one focuses on different segments. On the one hand, NVIDIA segments its income into professional visualization, which gives it 226 million dollars.

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It also has $294 million earned in the automotive industry and lastly $84 million in OEM. This gives you a total revenue figure for the last quarter of 6,051 million dollars. We now turn to AMD where the customer segment has provided 903 million dollars and this refers to the CPU and APU for PCs and laptops. Finally, we have the sector of products or integrated solutions, which has given it nothing less than 1,397 million dollars (+1,750%), where we see here the great importance of Xilinx and FPGAs.

In the end, this results in a total 5,609 million dollars in revenue in this last quarter for AMD, being less than 10% behind NVIDIA.