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Nvidia presents its news for CES 2023: ADA architecture, new graphics and RTX 40 laptops – Xbox

NVIDIA has earned in its own right to be the undisputed leader in the gaming sector. Its solutions are much more effective than those of its competition, and of course more expensive, it must be said. However, as a proud owner of a 3070, I can safely say, given that I’ve been through several graphics cards, that the difference is noticeable and a lot.


But enough of the unpaid advertorials, those from California do not sponsor this entry (although it would be nice, wink, wink). The fact is that on the occasion of CES 2023, the company has presented some powerful products that it was time for them to see the light. The most remarkable thing is undoubtedly the arrival of its range of RTX 40 Series graphics to devices. This is the first time that notebook graphics cards include a Category 90 GPU. There has also been room for the RTX 4070 Ti for desktop computersthe GeForce RTX 4080 Ultimate upgrade for GeForce NOW, and new games that support DLSS and raytracing.

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