NVIDIA Reflex adds 6 new titles as well as new Hardware that will benefit gamers

NVIDIA Reflex is a must in gaming, lowering system latency so your actions happen faster, making you more competitive in multiplayer matches, and making single-player titles more responsive and enjoyable.

NVIDIA Reflex now available in 6 more games

More than 60 released games support NVIDIA Reflex, allowing GeForce gamers to significantly reduce system latency for the most responsive gaming experience possible on any platform. Since our last Reflex update, six games have added Reflex technology for their players, giving millions of GeForce gamers a superior experience:

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For each title, enter video options and enable NVIDIA Reflex to reduce system latency. For even lower latency, select “On + Boost” and optimize other parts of your system to further reduce latency.

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The release of Reflex in the 6 new games follows the recent addition of Reflex to Jurassic World Evolution 2, Portal with RTX, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. To see the full list of over 60 supported games, head here.

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