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Nvidia: the RTX 5090 promises to be simply monstrous

nvidia: the rtx 5090 promises to be simply monstrous

This was to be expected: as with every new generation of Nvidia cards, a model has leaked. In this case, it’s the RTX 5090. Here’s what we know.


In July, it was reported that Nvidia’s next high-end GPU (RTX 5090 or 5090 Ti) would likely feature a 512-bit memory bus, accompanied by 32 GB of VRAM. Now, new information suggests that Nvidia aims to increase the overall performance of its next-generation Blackwell GPUs even more dramatically. It’s crazy.


A phenomenal power gap for the Nvidia RTX 5090?

In fact, according to a post by famous leaker Panzerlied (referencing a well-known German military song) on ​​the Chiphell forums, Nvidia is reportedly considering a 50% increase in the number of CUDA cores for the RTX 5090. Thus reaching a staggering total of 24 576. This is more than 8 times the core count of the RTX 2080. It is also significantly more than the 10,240 CUDA cores of the RTX 3080 Ti, signaling a significant step forward. Memory bandwidth is also expected to increase by 52%, thanks to the adoption of GDDR7 memory, a jump from the GDDR6X used in the current RTX 4090.

In addition, according to the leaker, clock frequencies are expected to experience one of the largest generational increases, with a planned increase of 15%. This would bring the boost frequency of the Nvidia RTX 5090 to 2.9 GHz, which could easily exceed 3 GHz during intensive gaming sessions. For comparison, the maximum frequency of the current RTX 4090 is 2.52 GHz. It promises to be very heavy if it’s true.


If Nvidia succeeds in achieving these ambitious projections, the RTX 5090 could deliver over 70% better performance than the RTX 4090, based on technical specifications alone. It’s simply colossal. It is difficult to imagine the price that will result from such a technological advancement, but most likely it will be higher than ever. You will most likely have to save up to afford it.

What do you think about these leaked specs? Are you convinced?

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