NVIDIA will raise the prices of NVIDIA GeForce Now, its cloud gaming service, which will continue to have a free quota

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nvidia will raise the prices of nvidia geforce now, its

He cloud game is becoming increasingly popular around the world thanks to services like Xbox Cloud Gaming or NVIDIA GeForce Now and it is even becoming more common to see devices designed for cloud gaming such as the Razer Edge tablet or the new PlayStation Portal that will arrive in November.

Of all the proposals, NVIDIA’s is one of the most popular due to the image quality and low latency that it offers to its users and also differentiates itself from the rest in a very particular way, since allows us to play compatible titles that we have purchased in stores such as Steam, GoG, Epic Games Store and even our PC Game Pass games through a subscription that ranges from a totally free account with two payment methods with different advantages, payment methods that will increase in price within a few weeks.

NVIDIA GeForce Now raises its prices starting November 1

And NVIDIA announced last weekend that increase the price of NVIDIA GeForce Now subscriptions in USAthe rest of Europe and other territories such as the United Kingdom or Canada with a increase of between 1 and 10 depending on the type and duration of the subscription.

From the outset, the free modality will continue to be presentso all players will be able to continue enjoying this service without paying a single euro if they want, with game sessions lasting 1 hour.

On the other hand, the Priority mode that allows us to play at 1080p and 60 FPS In sessions of up to 6 hours in length, the price increases, passing from 9.99 to 10.99 if we decide to subscribe for a month while if we choose to pay a subscription 6 months the price rises from 49.99 to 54.99 .

The other subscription is ultimatethe most advanced, which allows us to enjoy the power of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 to be able to play at 4K and up to 120 FPS along with real-time ray tracing and the lowest possible latency with gaming sessions lasting up to 8 hours. In this case the monthly subscription increases from 19.99 to 21.99 and of six months goes from 99.99 to 109 .

Finally, the founders members who tested the beta of GeForce Now will continue to have the same 50% price reduction as until now in the priority lifetime subscription as long as they keep their subscription active, while if they want to access the Ultimate they will have a subscription of 19.99 for one month and 99.99 for 6 months.

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