Obsidian wants Fallout: New Vegas to get a remaster

Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, current game directors at Obsidian Entertainment, agree that a remaster of Fallout: New Vegasone of the most beloved and applauded installments of the acclaimed Bethesda Softworks saga, it will be impressive”. Both managers have expressed their desire that one day they work on a remastering of the mythical role-playing and action video game during an interview with The Gamer in which they have talked about The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition.


Cain states that he would love to see a “graphical remaster” of new vegassomething with which his partner Boyarsky, director of the game, is totally in agreement with despite the fact that he insists that graphics have never been a high priority for the development studio. “When it came out, it had stability issues. It’s overcome them and now people can go back to that game, because those characters and the stories are just rich, and people want to be there,” added Eric DeMilt, director of production at The Outer Worldswhen the aforementioned medium has asked him why new vegas He still has so many fans to this day.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that several members of the study have shown their interest in resuscitating new vegas somehow. Without going any further, Josh Sawyer, game director, expressed in November of last year that he would love to work on a sequel.

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What did we say at the time about New Vegas?

“The only flaw of Fallout: New Vegastogether with the increasingly outdated engine, is that the wow factor has lost its punch after fallout 3. It is a conservative title in many aspects, it corrects almost everything that could be improved from the third game and incorporates some aspects present in the Van Buren project, the canceled sequel that was going to be the original. fallout 3 from Black Isle Studios, giving players the opportunity to enjoy the features that are promised in that game – the influence of factions, among others -. But in practice, at times it seems to us that we are playing a very large expansion or modificationbut expansion after all, with the same -many- virtues and the few known defects”, we commented in our analysis.

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