‘Oh!’: Diablo 4 fan is showered with 5 Legendaries in Infernal Tide and is completely speechless

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The streamer probably didn’t expect such a rain of items.

“Please, please a Legendary… Or maybe even more than one?” That’s what we think to ourselves every time we contest events or face off against bosses in Diablo 4. After all, it’s all about the best loot. A streamer says the wish out loud and is then rewarded with a jaw-dropping reward.

Streamer dusts off Legendaries in Infernal Tide

A hilarious, yet enviable, TikTok clip shows streamer CohhCarnage completing a Helltide (Helltide) event and in the process of claiming his reward. He says loudly:

On! give me something good give me something good

Then he observes with a critical eye how the chest opens and the items hop out. When five (sacred) legendaries light up promisingly, his facial features slip away. The only thing he can think of is: “Oh”. His cat, far less impressed, calmly cleans itself behind him.

These are Infernal Tide Events

Exactly what happens in the most expensive Infernal Tide event chests is left to chance, but one thing’s for sure: they’re really worth it! However, they belong – just like nightmare dungeons – to the endgame activities in Diablo 4. You can contest them from world level 3 and for that you first have to complete the campaEsports Extrasand the final dungeon.

If you’re already that far, they start at intervals of a good two hours and you then have an hour to play them. They are marked on the map with a red icon and the notation “Hell’s Tide Rises”. You can easily find the events and their times by looking at this extremely handy forecast page:

In the events, you try to kill as many enemies as possible within one hour in order to abnormal embers to get from them. You can then use this currency to Tortured Gift– Open crates you see on TikTok.

The more embers you got, the better chests you can open with them. The box opened here was probably a box that costs 175 currency points. These provide legendary gear with a high probability.

But there are two points to note: If you die in the event where tough enemies are thrown at you, you lose half the embers. You also have to redeem it during the event, otherwise it will reset to zero. So saving doesn’t work.

Have you completed Infernal Tide events yourself? Which crate did you open and were you rewarded that much?

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