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One country now offers the fastest internet in the world at 1.2 terabits per second – you could download Baldur’s Gate 3 in 1 second

one country now offers the fastest internet in the world

China claims it now has the fastest internet in the world. Your new network will transmit 1.2 terabits per second.

You need a stable internet connection for a number of things today:

  • Many games require an internet connection.
  • If you want to stream Netflix, Disney+ and Co, you can’t avoid the internet either.
  • If you want to pay with a card in the supermarket, the terminal must also be connected to the Internet.

The world’s fastest internet has now officially launched in China.

China now offers 1.2 terabits per second

What kind of network is this? China officially launched its new backbone network on November 13th. This is what our colleagues from report. This will involve more than 3,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable that can transmit data at a speed of 1.2 terabits (1,200 Esports Extrasbits) per second.


The new network connects Beijing in the north, Wuhan in central China and Guangzhou in the southern province of Guangdong.

Incidentally, the network has been working on for months and important settings were already prepared in July. Incidentally, a number of companies are behind the development, such as Tsinghua University, China Mobile, Huawei Technologies and Cernet Corporation.

By the way, backbone networks are important components of the telecommunications network and connect many small networks with each other. For this reason, they must offer a high bandwidth. These central networks now rely almost everywhere on fiber optic cables.


How much speed is that anyway? 1,200 Esports Extrasbits is the equivalent of around 150 Esports Extrasbytes per second. This roughly corresponds to an installation of Baldur’s Gate 3, which is around 120 Esports Extrasbytes. However, this only applies if the corresponding download servers also participate.

Another example from Asia shows how important the Internet is today. Here, a switched off water cooling system meant that thousands of people were unable to pay their bills:

Because someone accidentally turned off a water cooler, 2.5 million people couldn’t pay their bills