One mug with everything and hot, please! Zelda TotK fan builds giant kebab skewer

one mug with everything and hot, please! zelda totk fan

Tom Henry

One mug with everything and hot, please! Zelda TotK fan builds giant kebab skewer

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If Maronus only knew what people out there were doing with the Krogs in Zelda TotK…

The little Krogs turned out to be guinea pigs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Since the release, the forest spirits have been tormented and tortured instead of helping them.

It even goes so far that a fan built this device, which is strikingly reminiscent of a kebab skewer. That’s totally nasty, but at the same time somehow very strange and funny.

Zelda TotK Constructor builds giant doner kebab rotisserie for Krogs

That’s what it’s about: In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom you can discover heaps of Krogs. Sometimes they want to be transported to distant places. Of course it makes sense to strap them to the wildest constructions, to tie rockets around them or something similar. This then resulted in real Krog tortures, probably also to take revenge for the reward for all Krogs.

The Krog kebab tops everything: Next to crucified Krogs and Rocket Krogs, this Krog Kebab Skewer is one of the most absurd, but also funniest things I’ve seen in a Zelda TotK construction so far.

But be careful, the sound of the video is not the original and very loud. But you still have to see it in motion:

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As you can see, the Krogs get a real fire under their butts here. The poor little forest sprites really don’t deserve it and I really feel sorry for them, but it’s also difficult to entertain – even if the machine falls apart towards the end.

Of course, the similarity to a rotisserie cannot be denied. But of course this is not an official recipe that you can cook in Zelda TotK. I’m still hungry now. You’ll excuse me, I have to get myself a doner kebab.

If you looking for enough Krogs for your delicious skewer, we have prepared a little something for you:

If this is all too hard for you, for understandable reasons, there is good news: some Zelda TotK players are now leaving the Krogs alone. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, they’re only stopping attacking the poor Krogs now because they’ve found a new victim to abuse instead. All within Zelda TotK and of course just out of uh, scientific interest?

How do you feel about this doner kebab skewer from Krogs? In general, what do you think of playing the poor little forest spirits so badly in Zelda TotK?

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