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One of the best new Xbox 360 action brands and one that (almost) nobody remembers

Released by Capcom exclusively for Xbox 360, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition became a spectacular action adventure. A work that, unfortunately, the passage of time has relegated him to a marginal plane.

Unfortunately and for a long time, we all know how difficult it is for companies launch new IPs. The pressure exerted by the increasingly important (and powerful) internal marketing teams of each company stops the furious attempts of creatives to try to offer something new to users. “That’s too risky!” It becomes the war cry of many bosses of the big companies when it comes to investing in new franchises, and more so when works with a more or less important budget come into play.

Capcom bucked that trend in the mid-2000s with a couple of franchises. Dead Rising became a kind of “outsider” of titles like Resident Evil and managed to gain a foothold in that genre, being a commercial success for the Japanese company. And the other in discord was Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, a real game that surprised Xbox 360 users for its magnificent combination of action and RPG elements, interesting online multiplayer mode, the imposing clashes against huge alien monsters (the fearsome akrid) and its successful (and icy) setting.

A saga that was born and died in that same generation, with two more titles behind it (Lost Planet 2 and 3) as well as an experiment as a spin-off that was titled EX Troopers. Rise and fall of a series that should never have ended like this. And I say end because, almost a decade after the last appearance of this franchise, its return is neither planned nor expected. A real drama. But what hurts the most is to see how the passage of time has made such a dent in its legacy, especially with regard to the first part, the best of all by far, which hardly anyone remembers her. The big problem that Lost Planet had to face was the fact of having to come face to face against heavyweights of the same genre (action games in general) such as the Gears of War and Halo sagas. Some opponents to which many more were added such as Red Dead Redemption, Crackdown, Batman Arkham and dozens of other games that, in many cases, had more names.

One of the first Xbox 360 exclusive games

So much so, that it is difficult to find Lost Planet in the typical lists or rankings of outstanding titles of Xbox 360 where there are others that, at least in my opinion, seem less round or striking like the much more popular and commercially successful Dead Rising or Resident Evil 5, both products of Capcom itself.

However, having said this, the greatest proof that it is possible to subtract from the tiny footprint left by this series and, more specifically, the original installment of Lost Planet, is play some kind of Trivia. Do you cheer up? Well, let’s get to it, let’s see how many correct answers you manage to guess from simple questions that, extrapolated to any other title mentioned above, would surely even be too easy.

Lost Planet: One of the best new Xbox 360 action brands and the one (almost) nobody remembers

Lost Planet is hard to find on typical featured titles listsLet’s start! In what year exactly did Lost Planet appear in its original format, that is, Xbox 360? The second: who was its director? Third: what company was responsible for its distribution in our territory? Next: what was the name of the protagonist? And now for note: in which South Korean actor was the protagonist inspired? Some answers that, for obvious reasons, there is no need for me to leave them here because everyone can google and find them in a matter of seconds And so I don’t spoil anything.

What I have quite clear is that, unfortunately, this sensational new IP that made Xbox 360 users (and later, also PS3 and PC users) really enjoy it has ended up falling into oblivion. And I don’t know what you think, but in the middle of the era of remasters and remakes, after seeing what Capcom was able to do with the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, I would be excited to discover that same treatment applied to the Opera Prima of this saga. For dreaming…

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