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One of the best VALORANT players signs for G2 Esports

More than interesting changes are coming in G2 Esports VALORANT Squad. After not getting a place in the VALORANT Champions Tour from North America, the samurai will seek access in another way. This time they will do it through the Challengers League of North America, that is, the VRL of the region. The idea is get promoted as quickly as possible and for this, as the rumors affirm, they would have signed a series of stars from the shooter.


As George Geddes has revealed in Dot EsportsShahzeb Khan”ShahZaM» would join the organization with European origin to try to reach the highest level in competitive VALORANT. It would not arrive alone, since Michael Gulino «dapr» would be by his side at the time of heading this roster. In this way, they would have ensured two big stars who will fight for promotion from the beginning of the season.

ShahZaM would join G2 Esports in 2023

Far from it, Geddes has also revealed that players like Maxim Shepelev «wippy“Erik Penny”pennies» and the Dark Ratio player, «oxy«, would be two other pieces that would accompany both ShahZaM and dapr. In this way, G2 Esports will seek to compete in the Challengers League of North America and will look for the pass to VCT through their own merits on the server.


What is clear is that the first two players mentioned will seek to qualify at all costs to, thus, itry to defeat Sentinels, which was his team until a few weeks ago. On the other hand, beat cloud9 you will also be in the crosshairs of other players. However, in the end the objective will be to achieve the maximum representing G2 Esports: first qualify for that VCT and soon fighting for the rest of international events that will be held throughout the year.

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