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One of the biggest LoL Twitch streamers makes a crazy comeback after 50 minutes: “It was more exciting than any World Cup”

American Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is currently touring Europe to achieve the highest rank Challenger in League of Legends. Now he experienced a match that for a long time looked like the Twitch streamer would lose it. But then he made a spectacular comeback – and he celebrated it like winning the world championship.

What was that match? Tyler1 played champion Ivern in the Jungle in the Master ranked match. But a lot went wrong right from the start. After 6 minutes the opponents were ahead with 3:1 kills and Tyler1’s team couldn’t keep up in the farm either.


Although they fought back in terms of kills, the opponents dominated in objects and controlled the gameplay.

At minute 48 the enemy team could have made everything clear. They attacked the Nexus, but trolled around a bit. Instead of completing the game, they still wanted to collect kills and therefore failed. Two more attacks and the game would have been over.

Tyler1 commented: “Why are you doing this? To see me suffer even more?”


The last few minutes were hectic:

  • First, they killed opposing midlaner Orianna, who walked in alone in a fight for the Elder Drake. They were also able to secure the dragon.
  • Then they caught Master Yi and Rakan in their jungle and killed them.
  • Orianna then, in a desperate move, attempted a backdoor onto the Nexus and failed.

Tyler1 and his team then ran to the opposing Nexus and won what looked like a lost game. The streamer celebrated the victory correspondingly euphorically and jumped around the room with joy:

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“Happiest Tyler1 Ever Streamed LoL”

How is the clip received? Very good. Titled “The happiest Tyler1 has ever been streaming, playing League” he is ranked #2 on reddit LivestreamFails. The clip has already been viewed more than 75,000 times and has received a great deal of comment.


A user writes, for example, that these are exactly the matches that LoL players always hope for. They give you a feeling that no other game can create.

Another says it’s one of the “most exciting LoL games he’s ever seen, more exciting than Worlds”.

Why is Tyler1 currently playing in Europe? In 2022 he achieved the highest rank Challenger with all 5 roles in League of Legends. This task cost him 2 years, 6,000 hours and a lot of nerves. But he achieved this success on American servers.


Many scoff that the players there don’t try hard and that he would have to achieve this success in Europe, China or Korea to get recognition.

In South Korea he has already tried and failed. Now he is in Europe.

But Tyler1 wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t have something to complain about, too. He described Germany as a third world country because delivery services are so limited here.


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How successful is Tyler1 right now? With his account FREEDOMFIGHTER28 he is currently in the rank Master with 464 league points. Especially with Cho’Gath he celebrated great success. There he won 62% of his 74 games. He also cracked the 60% win rate with Nautilus, Ivern and Jarvan IV.

However, in order to reach the rank of Challenger – which is his goal – he needs 860 league points. On the way there, however, he will still meet some pro players and other well-known streamers like Noway4u:

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