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One of the hardest raids in WoW used to last 85 days – today not even 78 minutes

In no time, the best guilds in Wrath of the Lich King Classic have conquered Ulduar, one of the most popular raids in WoW history. The final boss Algalon, the Watcher, was defeated just 78 minutes after release.


Who got the first kill? The European guild BEEF BAR from the Gehennas server won the race for the first kill. It was all over in just 78 minutes and defeated Algalon, the secret end boss.

BEEF BAR are no strangers, the pro guild has been at the top of Warcraft logs for some time. During TBC, they placed second in Tier 5 and fifth in the Sunwell Plateau race. In Wrath of the Lich they really took off and were able to secure first place twice in a row: WoW WotLK Classic: All 3 raids are completed just 1 hour after release – top guilds rely on one class

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The European guild Progress took second place. The pros from the Firemaw server are also spoiled for success and were able to celebrate many first kills in Classic and The Burning Crusade. WoW BC Classic: The best players can do what used to take 6 weeks in 24 hours


The FORGET guild secured third place. Like BEEF BAR, it also comes from the European server Gehenna. The guild has many veterans of the private server scene in its ranks, but has mostly ended up in the midfield in previous races for first kills.

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Ulduar is considered one of the best raids in World of Warcraft history. After 14 years there was a cool new trailer:

WotLK Classic: The new trailer for the cult raid Ulduar

What used to take weeks, guilds can now do in hours

How did you do that? In its world first run, BEEF BAR relied on two particularly strong DPS classes: warlocks and death knights. Her team included 5 warlocks and 4 death knights, 2 of whom had the unholy specialization and 2 had the frost specialization.

They also brought 2 rogues, each a Balance Druid, Survival Hunter, Shadow Priest, Retribution Paladin, Enhancement Shaman, and Fury Warrior. BEEF BAR used 2 paladins as tanks and 3 paladins, 2 priests and a shaman as healers. It is striking that no magician made it into the world first team.

This is what the composition of the BEEF BAR raid troop looked like

In addition to the optimal division of the raid, practice and experience also play an important role in the World First races in WoW: Classic. The community is much better informed these days, some players have years of experience with WoW and on private servers. Boss kills are fine-tuned to get every little advantage. Nevertheless, this is a strong performance by BEEF BAR! Congratulations!

Now your opinion is needed! Did you follow the race? Are you looking forward to Ulduar? Has your guild already mastered the raid? Share your thoughts with the community and leave us a comment!

WotLK Classic is getting one of the best raids ever today – When does Ulduar start?