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One of the most famous skin themes could return to VALORANT

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Although many criticize them for their high prices, the skins in VALORANT they are more than coveted. And it is that everyone wants to see their weapon with new aspects. Some have been much more famous over the months, while others have gone completely unnoticed.

One of the most beloved themes by all is the reaver. This line is darker and leaves us with some unique animations within the entire game. Of course, it’s also one of the most expensive bundles in VALORANT history. And now, as shown ValorantLeaksENwe will have a new batch of skins with the Reaver theme that many players will want to add to their collection.


The Reaver theme would return with a new pack of skins by VALORANT

To date we meet skins reaver in the Sheriff, Guardian, Operator, Vandal and the knife. And, according to this leak, the Ghost, Specter, Odin, Phantom Y a new karambit will go into the Reaver-themed skin pack. In this way, it would continue to increase a line of cosmetics that has become one of the most famous in the video game.


We have seen how many of these images have circulated through social networks. Of course, from Riot Games they have not confirmed anything yet, so we will have to wait until the developer decides to offer more information.

At the moment many details are still missing. And it is that, in case of being confirmed, we will also have to know the date they would arrive these skins to VALORANT. To this is added the price that each of the weapons or the complete package will have. If we look back, we can remember that the first bundle of Reaver had a cost of 7,100 VALORANT points. This means that we could expect a similar price for the new skins.

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