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One of the most important quests in WoW is hidden – you can find it here | Discover News

one of the most important quests in wow is hidden

World of Warcraft has “hidden” a quest that story fans should definitely not miss. We’ll show you where to find them.

Patch 10.1.5 Rifts in Time brought many innovations to the World of Warcraft. Among them are a few quests that most players may have missed at first glance. Many players also missed one of the most important quests because it contains a story-relevant cutscene. We reveal where you can find the quest and what happens in it.

What is this quest? the quest rough edges (Rough Edges) is given to you by Nozdormu, who wants her to pay Alexstrasza a visit as he is concerned about the Dragon Queen’s condition.

There you can accept the quest.

Where can you find the quest? The quest starts a bit “hidden”. This is because it is not shown to you on the world map, and even if you “fly over” the area, it will only be revealed if you fly low enough for the correct “phase” of the area to load.

Go to Thaldraszus at coordinates 55 / 81. Here you will find a whole range of quests, including Nozdormu, who will send you to Alexstrasza.

What happens in the quest? The quest is quite short and should actually only trigger a cutscene. You see Alextrasza waiting at an agreed meeting point – for none other than Vyranoth. The primordial incarnation of Frost was a friend of Alexstrasza from time immemorial, but the wars of the dragons drove them apart.

Vyranoth is disappointed in Alexstrasza that she broke her promise and thanks to her help, the “Will of the Titans” was forced upon the dragons. Apparently the eggs of Vyranoth were also affected. Something Vyranoth does not forgive her for she says:


“Your lies are sweeter now. honey in the ear and poison in the body.”

Trust seems to have been shattered for good.

What’s also exciting about the sequence is that, for the first time, Alexstrasza classifies some of the titans’ deeds as “terrible,” even if Vyranoth doesn’t seem convinced.


Still, it’s interesting to see that the two are capable of simple conversations, at least at times.