One of the most important shooter series of all time is getting a remake

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one of the most important shooter series of all time

Fans of Max Payne had to wait for new adventures for many years. Now at least the remake of the first two parts is within reach.

There were a few game series in the early 2000s that fans still hold particularly fond memories of. Back then on PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, “Max Payne” was one of the most famous action shooters, which was produced in the style of a “Film Noir” and impressed with a great story and great gameplay.

A second part, “The Fall of Max Payne,” was released in 2003 and was also a hit.

Exactly these two games are getting a remake more than 20 years after their release and are intended to be brought up to date with the latest technology. So it’s not just a “remaster”, but actually a complete redesign.

When will the remake be released? There is no specific date for the remake yet. What is clear, however, is that it should have the “production value of a AAA title” and that both parts will be combined into one game. So if you haven’t played Max Payne 1 and 2 yet, you should probably wait for the remake so that you can play the whole thing with nicer graphics and “in one go”.

The game will be released on PC, but also on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

What was so special about Max Payne? Even though it is now a standard in many games, Max Payne is considered the pioneer of the so-called “Bullet Time”. Here, the game’s timing is drastically slowed down for a few seconds, giving you time to take a closer look around or make several precise shots that would be almost impossible in the heat of a normal battle.

This bullet time, which many may also know from the first Matrix film, has since been adopted in numerous games. There is something similar in Red Dead Redemption, GTA V or the action series Bayonetta.

Are you excited for the return of Max Payne? Or would you rather have a Max Payne 4 instead of a remake?

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