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Elden Ring

One of the most popular NPCs in Elden Ring only plays a small supporting role – what makes him so special?

Blaidd the Halfwolf is one of the most popular characters in the Elden Ring community. But why actually? MeinMMO introduces him to you and shows what makes him so popular with fans.

At first glance, Elden Ring is full of unsympathetic characters who only give you enigmatic answers or, in the worst case, want to get to the bottom of things. One of the worst is Gostoc, who laughs in your face but wants to tie runes around you.

However, there are some NPCs that are very popular with fans. Blaidd the half-wolf is probably one of the most popular. This is just a side character who only has the side role in a side quest.

So how did Blaidd manage to win the hearts of his fans? We round up the likeable half-wolf’s story for you and collect the reasons fans give why they like him so much.

A notice: The article contains possible spoilers surrounding Blaidd as it is related to an important quest. We won’t go into details, but his role is key to why he’s so popular. So don’t read any further if you don’t want to know anything about the story.

Blaidd is the faithful companion of Ranni, the moon witch

Who is Blaidd? Blaidd is called “Blaidd the Halfwolf” in the game. Depending on how you progress through the game, you can meet him in different places. He is the faithful servant of the witch Ranni and therefore you will meet him several times. Where exactly and which steps are necessary in detail can be found in our guide to Rannis Quest. An overview of this is also in progress.

As the quest progresses, you learn that Blaidd is something of a brother to Ranni and that he follows her unconditionally. He reacts skeptically to the players themselves, then in a friendly manner. He who serves his mistress is also his friend.

He throws himself into every fight for Ranni and also fights with you against General Radahn, one of the big main bosses in Elden Ring. He goes to extremes and does not shy away from death.

Elden Ring Story Trailer
This is Blaidd’s mistress, the snow witch Ranni

But apparently Blaidd is TOO devoted. At first we don’t know exactly what that means. But at least that’s what weapons master Iji, who is also a servant of the witch, suggests. He’s like Blaidd’s big brother and takes care of the naive half-wolf. Eventually, he even locks Blaidd up because he could obviously become a danger to his mistress.

This shows up again and again throughout the quest and his story ends extremely tragically, you even have to kill Blaidd yourself at the end. Ranni disappears with the completion of her mission and Blaidd then loses his mind.

So much for the few likable NPCs that Elden Ring has. Most of the time, the ones that exist have to be killed because they’re going crazy, or they meet a tragic fate.

Be that as it may: Overall, the half-wolf only plays a supporting role in the quest, but apparently many players remember him. Because if you look around the community, Blaidd has gained a lot of fans.

Fans Hailing Blaidd as a ‘Living Legend’

Just recently, a post on the general gaming subreddit went viral in which Blaidd was celebrated by the community. The post has (as of April 14, 3:30 p.m.) over 35,000 upvotes and over 1700 comments.

It started with a picture by user kalamit889:

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This describes why Blaidd has become a “living legend” in his eyes:

  • He appears every few hours during a run
  • Only speaks a few moderate sentences and has few animations
  • “Simpt” so hard that it became his purpose in life
  • Is a large portion of fur
  • Instantly became a community favorite among NPCs.

What is meant by “Simp”? Simp comes from internet slang and describes someone who shows excessive compassion and attention to another person without actually reciprocating it.

HawkeyeP1 describes it this way: “He’s a bloody werewolf gentleman swordsman. That’s damn cool. Don’t slander the homie.”

There are other reasons in the comments. For example, Nadordan writes: “He’s very friendly and has a sense of humor.” Many also praise the voice actor, who they believe has done an “excellent job”.

Blaidd even influenced some players’ choice of Elden Ring endings: “I chose Ranni’s ending on my first playthrough. Blaidd is such a good boy.” – LtColShinySides

He also sees a parallel with other community favorites from games like Dark Souls. Usually it’s the nice characters that people celebrate. This is of course not particularly surprising, but there is a prominent example: Solaire by Astora.

This knight should be familiar to almost everyone who has been informed about gaming in recent years, at least in terms of appearance.

Blaidd’s popularity is reminiscent of Dark Souls’ Solaire

Who is that anyway? Solaire from Astora is a legend and meme in the Souls community. The knight made his first and only real appearance in Dark Souls 1.

Dark Souls Solaire
Here you can see the founder of the Sunbro cult

There he introduces himself as a likeable optimist who wants to help others and is looking for “his own sun”. The term “jolly cooperation” comes from him and is symbolic for the part of the community that helps others through the game.

His sun symbol is also the crest for each of the Dark Souls games’ co-op factions.

Solaire has stuck in the minds of many players as a friendly Radiant Knight, but like Blaidd, he met a rather inglorious end back then, as a victim of his goal and a slave to his “new sun”.

While Blaidd doesn’t have that co-op affinity, like him, Solaire is one of the few friendly NPCs. The onion knight Siegmeyer is also one of the most popular NPCs and stands out from the dark figures with his sympathetic nature.

Fun fact on the side: All characters related to Rannis Quest have Welsh names and speak with a Welsh accent.

Fans have noticed that now and Salted-Kipper6969 doesn’t think it’s that cool: “As someone who lives in Wales this is bloody annoying because I can’t help but hear it, I’m supposed to be wandering around this mythical country, but everyone sounds like it , as if he came from here.”

What about with you? Which NPCs from Elden Ring or other FromSoftware games did you find particularly good or interesting?

If you want to learn more about the boss characters and their ancestors, we have a summary of their history for you here: Elden Ring Lore – The Complex Story Briefly Explained

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