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One of the nastiest cheats can be activated in Counter-Strike 2 for everyone – experts warn: “Is unplayable”

Counter-Strike 2, the great successor to Global Offensive, is currently in beta. Above all, professionals and experts are now testing the new shooter. However, they also discovered that there are cheats that even anyone can easily activate through the in-game console.

What about Counter-Strike 2?


Here you can find all information about the beta of Counter-Strike 2 and how you can participate.

What is this cheat? Wallhacks have been around in gaming for decades. They allow you to see enemies through solid objects. So no one can sneak up and you always know where enemies are. An unfair advantage.

The green boxes around the model of all players can be easily displayed via a console command. This means that anyone can enter the command and immediately have a wallhack at hand.


Even Counter-Strike 2’s new anti-cheat tool doesn’t help, because the “cheat” comes from the game itself:

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“It’s still not fixed?”

On Twitter and Reddit, Counter-Strike fans are outraged at the possibility. Apparently it has been known for a long time that exactly this “hack” is possible. The developers are said to have been aware of this, but despite patches, the command is still possible.


Content creators and experts like ohnePixel and WarOwl warn that the game is currently unplayable (via Twitter). This is a problem, especially in such a limited test. WarOwl runs a channel on YouTube with over 1.44 million followers and primarily creates content related to Counter-Strike.

You can find the new features of Counter-Strike 2 in the overview. In the video we show you the most important details:


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In the meantime, people are even arranging rounds of 10 players who meet in advance so that at least they don’t meet “cheaters”. It is unclear whether you can be banned for using it – but probably not, since it is a bug that a beta is there to find.


Otherwise, Counter-Strike 2 is doing pretty well at the moment, at least among pros who have had plenty of experience with Global Offensive and previous installments. They apparently got exactly what they wanted, with some new additions:

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