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One Piece 1085: the next chapter has leaked with big revelations!

one piece 1085: the next chapter has leaked with big

One Piece Chapter 1085 is the victim of huge leaks. Images unveiled in advance, summary, we know everything about this chapter event which already ignites the fans.


Slowly but surely, One Piece is approaching its final arc. The manga’s most dedicated readers will have a few more years to spend with Luffy and his crew, but Eiichiro Oda is laying the groundwork for the conclusion of his work. The manga only becomes more epic, surprising, and the mangaka finally lets out some long-awaited revelations from the fans. Chapter 1085 should just appeal to those interested in the history and mysteries surrounding the meaning of “D”. Its content having leaked, we invite anyone who does not wish to be a spoiler not to read the following lines.

Big leaks for One Piece Chapter 1085

Monkey D. Luffy, Portage D. Ace and now Nefertari D. Vivi. For a few chapters, Luffy and his nakama have been set back in favor of a more political plot. Cobra, their friend’s father was murdered. Rumor and newspapers had it that Sabo was at work, but the revolutionary told his side of the story. It is still the leader of Alabasta who will be in the spotlight. Readers will finally discover how he was killed, by whom and why. Like every week, the leaker Redon has unveiled a complete summary of the One Piece Chapter 1085. We will then find Cobra and Im in the middle of a conversation.

“The King of the World” solemnly announces to the sovereEsports Extrasthat he has “ two things to tell him and one question to ask him. Immediately, his interlocutor is challenged. Im talking about him in third person and know his name which strangely is the same as one of the 20 founders of the World Government. Cobra will not have time to pursue his thought, since this enigmatic entity will cut him off. ” The “D”s come from the people who were “our” enemy “, he explains before recalling that the current generation bearing this letter is not aware of the meaning of their name.


The meaning of the “D”

The scholars investigating the Forgotten Age, the pirates scouring the world for the Poneglyphs…it would all be Lily’s fault. The ancestor of Cobra and Vivi would have committed a ” error by distributing these precious stelae rich in history all over the world. Im implying on the other hand that it was part of his plan and that the Poneglyphs would not have been scattered randomly. The answer would be found in Lily’s famous letter which is transmitted from generation to generation. While the King of the World goes about his explanations, the Five Elders draw their weapons and Cobra understands the tenor of the situation. He won’t get out of here alive.

Queen Lily’s real name was Neferati D. Lily “, launches the ruler of Alabasta before being stabbed by a black shadow which does not seem to be sent by Im. That’s when Sabo, then in hiding, intervenes but Im transforms into a huge creature and swallows his fire. The Five Elders also change shape. You can’t see them clearly. According to Redon, who leaked the cOne Piece chapter 1085one appears to be a bird, the other an elephant or a bear, one resembles a demon (Oni) with large horns, the fourth appears to have clouds floating around its neck (like the awakened forms of Luffy Lucci) and the last one is just a nondescript big figure.

one piece 1085

No break for One Piece next week

Sabo’s rescue fails, Cobra saves his life and addresses his last words. ” Tell Luffy and Vivi that “we” are all “D’s” too […] Protect the Poneglyph… “. He then proceeds to recite his ancestor’s letter, but his words are drowned out by the roars of the Five Elders. ” Raise the dawn flag over the world! “. By blocking the attack intended for Sabo, Cobra exhales its last breath. Wapol, also in hiding, has followed the whole conversation and flees, eating wall to wall once discovered. Meanwhile, the princess Vivi was captured by CP0 and finds himself in the company of Lucci, Jabra, Kalifa and other members of the organization.

Jabra recaps what happened at Mary Geoise. Leo and Sai identified themselves as a crew under the Straw Hat flag. Fujitora would have on his side let several slaves escape and Aramaki would have yelled at him. Enters the scene, once again Wapol and Vivi clings to him to flee. A chapter that once again lays the foundations for a highly anticipated revelation from One Piece fans. Good news, there will be no break next week.


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