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One Piece 1086: the next chapter leaked, huge revelations

one piece 1086: the next chapter leaked, huge revelations

Despite the lack of a weekly summary, One Piece Chapter 1086 is available ahead of time. Images, summary, we know everything about this event chapter which once again ignites the fans before the manga’s long summer break.

One Piece is slowly but surely sailing towards its final outcome. Avid readers still have a few more years to spend with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew. The last chapters forsake a little the jovial troupe to concentrate on the governmental and revolutionary intrigues. A change is looming in the rest of the world and new important revelations will be made with One Piece Chapter 1086. As usual, its content has leaked and it should particularly appeal to fans of the license. As always, we remind you that the following lines contain spoilers. Here is the summary of the chapter.


One Piece Chapter 1086 Summary and Leaks

The latest chapters of One Piece are ramping up the pressure. Behind the scenes, the highest authorities of the World Government are preparing to take action. The assassination of King Cobra marks the end of the Reverie. Members of his personalized guard are desperate to find out the whereabouts of their ailing ruler and his daughter, Vivi. Meanwhile, the Princess of Alabasta has taken refuge with Wapol in the hold of a boat bound for the Kingdom of Aegis. Still uninformed of her father’s death, Wapol refuses to reveal the truth to him and asks Morgans for help, happy to get such a crisp new scoop. This new duo is not the only one to have escaped the tumult of Mary Geoise.

Bonney and Sabo are stowaways. The revolutionary, bound for Lulusia, is in bad shape and remembers Cobra’s last words: ” I count on you Sabo, you must live. During this time the 5 Deans are pensive. Sabo is “ a man with a heavy destiny […] whose life is surrounded by “D”. “An important letter in the universe of One Piece, whose meaning continues to be at the heart of the intrigues. Im, the “King of the World” interrupts their thinking: he wishes to use the latest weapon created by Vegapunk “Motherflaim”. The very one who will completely destroy the Kingdom of Lulusia a few hours later at the request of the ruler of everything. “But there are a lot of people there,” one of the deans protests, but Im doesn’t care. “Understood, the world evolves by the will of the creator”, immediately complies one of them.

One Piece Chapter 1086 Color Page

The Five Deans finally unveiled

Vivi is in danger. Im giving the order to capture her. “I want Vivi,” he intimates. This is one of the big reveals of One Piece Chapter 1086. The names of the Five Elders and their role in the World Government are finally revealed:

  • St. Shepherd Ju Peter: Military God of Agriculture
  • Holy. Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro: Military god of finance
  • St. Topman Walcury: Military God of Justice
  • Holy. Marcus Mars: Military God of the Environment
  • St. Jaygarcia Saturn: Military God of Scientific Defense

In the rest of the world, the Navy has been greatly occupied by several uprisings. The famous kingdom of Aegis, which Vivi was heading towards, and the kingdom of Tajine sparked a revolution. The abolition of the Grand Corsairs also caused much discord in many countries. And speaking of them, the Seraphim of oira, Crocodile, and Doflamingo are revealed and appear ready to deploy to where Crocodile was last seen. End of flashbacks, the story returns to the present where Sabo is with Dragon and Ivankov. He explains that he was welcomed as a hero once moored in Lulusia, the news having spread that he would have committed the murder of Cobra.

His desire to tell them the truth was extinguished by the mere smell of revolution in the air. Several inhabitants wished to join the Revolutionary army and left with him. It was while they were on their way back to the lair that they witnessed the destruction of the kingdom. Sabo claims to have seen “a huge shadow” hovering over the island and the clouds which seems to challenge Dragon. Would Vegapunk really have created such a destructive weapon? Did the World Government use one of the ancient weapons?

one piece 1086 leak
The names of the Five Deans finally revealed

No One Piece chapter for a month

Revolutionaries are plagued with doubt, but they seem to have certainty. 800 years ago, among the creators of this world and was one of the first 20 kings was a certain St Imu of the Nerona Family. Ivankov explains that in this world, the possibility of making someone immortal exists and he could be the proof of it. Another major reveal of One Piece Chapter 1086 is that there is a man who can judge and execute the Celestial Dragons. One of them was shot without the news getting out at the request of the leader of the Divine Knights. His name and appearance are revealed: Saint Figarland Garling and he is none other than the former king of the country God Valley where the confrontation between Roger and Garp took place against Rocks 38 years ago, and who then mysteriously disappeared from the map.

His latest victim: Saint Don Quixote Mjosgard, executed for defending the Pisces Men and saving Shirahoshi from the clutches of Saint Charles. And so ends One Piece Chapter 1086. We remind you that this will be the last for a while. Eiichiro Oda will take a four-week break due to his surgery. ” I’m going to have surgery to correct my astigmatism because it’s interfering with my work. I’ve been discussing this with the editor of Shonen Jump for a year now and I would take four weeks off. I will soon be able to shoot laser beams from my eyes “, he explains in the magazine Shonen Jump. So Chapter 1087 will officially arrive on July 18, 2023 in Japan.

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