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One Piece 1093: the chapter leaked, it’s going to beat you up

one piece 1093: the chapter leaked, it's going to beat

As usual, the new chapter of the One Piece manga is the victim of a big leak. On today’s menu, a fight highly anticipated by fans and a little surprise.

One Piece fans currently occupy several spheres. Newbies and veterans alike were able to enjoy the Netflix series in live action. In video games, Pirate Warriors 4 continues to provide regular updates. In anime, the Wano arc will end after a furious battle against Kaido. On the manga side, we have reached chapter 1093. This one was also the victim of a leak and it looks pretty exciting. Be careful, the next few lines will spoil important elements of the rest of the manga.


One Piece Chapter 1093 Summary

For the record, chapter 1092 showed us Kizaru and Luffy clashing again. The Straw Hat used the Snakeman, without success. Kizaru threw the young man through the Vega Force 1 robot and made his way to the control room of Vegapunk’s laboratory. However, the one nicknamed the Yellow Monkey had an unpleasant surprise: he discovered Monkey D. Luffy’s new form, Gear 5. The chapter ended with this extension of the confrontation, but not only that. The eyes of the Iron Giant who attacked Mary Geoise could also be seen lighting up. What will happen after this in One Piece chapter 1093?

First of all, we must remember that this leak still comes to us from the famous Redon, official distributor of One Piece leaks. For this chapter, he explains to us that he starts with Kizaru unimpressed by Gear 5. As for Vegapunk, he is still in the control room. He decides to go, with Sanji and Atlas, to Egghead’s Fabirio phase. Franky is quick to follow suit. Their goal is to save Bonney by modifying the order of the Pacifistas with the authority chip. The scientist then takes out a rather special vehicle, the “Vega Tank”. Nami, Usopp, Edison will not be there since they will remain in the control room. Jinbe is busy transporting Vegapunk’s belongings to the other side of the island.

Two promising fights

The action will then take place on Bonney’s side, who is fighting against marines. She was saved by Sentoumaru after hitting Egghead’s barrier. Meanwhile, Zoro takes charge of confronting Lucci and Kaku is absent for this chapter. The CP-0 member uses the awakened form of his Zoan, when Zoro’s sabers would have flames and maybe even some lightning. Finally, we will be able to see the rest of the skirmish between Luffy and Kizaru. The latter gives the hero a hard time by creating clones of himself which will hurt him. In truth, it is a decoy that will allow the admiral to head towards the Vega Tank to destroy it.


However, just as his light attack is about to hit him, Luffy intercepts Kizaru’s power and deflects it in several directions. The chapter ends with Atlas managing to rewrite the order given to the Pacifistas by the admiral. Scene change, and we end with Dean Saturn wearing a rather dark look. Will we finally see the “Warrior God of Science and Defense” take action? And what about the Iron Giant? Obviously, chapter 1093 of One Piece will continue to play with our emotions, without really getting to the heart of the matter. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Kizaru take his first big hit from Luffy. We also look forward to seeing the abilities of the famous Giant who terrified Mary Geoise.

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