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One Piece expands the power of one of his devil fruits

This fruit has given its bearer access to incredible new abilities.

One Piece expands the power of one of his *text muted* fruits

*text muted* Fruits in One Piece have been wrapped in the midst of many mysteriesas these powerful items grant amazing skills to its users, making them incredibly powerful, but with a condition.

Bearers of these fruits are able to shape your body and environment as you pleaseonce they have woken up the true power of these, and also, depending on the model of fruit they possess, since there are several types, known as Zoan, Logia and Paramecia.

However, in the most recent chapters of this anime, it has been seen how one of these fruits has expanded its power, granting to its bearer new habilities. Below we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1055 of the One Piece manga.

What is this *text muted* fruit that has amplified its power?

The artificial *text muted* fruit created from Kaido's DNA

The artificial *text muted* fruit created from Kaido’s DNA

One Piece has given few information about the origin of these fruits and everything related to them, which means that they are a complete mystery.

However, in the most recent chapters of this anime, it has been possible to observe how one of these fruits has expanded its powergranting new habilities to your user.

This time, it’s about the *text muted* fruit artificially createdwearing DNA of Kaido, by Dr. VegaPunk, who fed her to Momonosuke during their experiments on Punk Hazard Island.

Although VegaPunk cataloged this experiment as a complete failureMomonosuke has shown that he has wrongbecause he has managed to access some of the skills that possesses this fruit, which means that even you can keep unlocking and perfecting techniques housed in this powerful object.

Momonosuke, will he have what it takes to lead Wano?

Momonosuke has managed to access some abilities that his fruit possesses, achieving boro breath, an incredible technique used by Kaido.

Momonosuke has managed to access some abilities that his fruit possesses, achieving boro breath, an incredible technique used by Kaido.

Momonosuke has achieved to dominate a bit of the power of his artificial fruit, unlocking one of the characteristic skills of Kaido, all this has happened in the most recent chapter of this anime.

In the chapter #1055 of the One Piece mangalooks like the admiral of the navy GreenBull has arrived in Wano Country with the intention of get luffy’s head.

However, on his arrival he is greeted by the samurai known as the red sheath, who have focused on defend this islandand stop the advance of Ryokugyu who wants to get to Luffy at any cost.

In full combat, Momonosuke arrives to stop the threat of this admiral and defend the island and his honor as a warrior, GreenBull who is bearer of a logia type fruit has easily defeated the red scabbard and has entered fight with the current shogun of this island.

Momonosuke looks outmatched momentarilyfor this admiral who has become a whole forest, covering much of the territory where this fight is taking place. However, this current shogun has accomplished a great feat by using the boron breatha characteristic technique of Kaido, which is capable of destroying entire mountains, giving GreenBull a great attack.

This shogun has shown that has enough to defend and counter any threat who wants to destroy the country of Wano.

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