One Piece gave Koby one of the best backstories and fans missed it

Tom Henry

one piece gave koby one of the best backstories and

Koby sneaks into the hearts of fans.

Koby is one of the first characters who accompanied Luffy on his way to becoming the Pirate King. He was discovered and freed by Luffy on Alvida’s ship. Koby was then able to pursue his own dream and join the Navy.

Also in the Netflix series One Piece Koby is an important protagonist. We see his beginnings in the Navy and how he feels about Luffy despite his obligations. He is a kind-hearted person who is liked by many fans because of his likeable nature. A newly revealed background story now shows how kind the marine really is.

One Piece: Koby saves a teddy bear

On X (or Twitter) user newworldartur shares information from the 107th issue of the SBS. In it, Eiichiro Oda answers fans’ questions. A reader of the manga wanted to know what the cute bear on Hibari’s backpack was all about.

Spoiler alert! In this information box we briefly explain who Hibari is and how she knows Koby.

Who is Hibari? Like Koby, Hibari is a member of the secret SWORD special unit. She is an excellent sniper and shoots ammunition that makes her enemies’ weapons only able to shoot flowers.

She revealed that she is very grateful to Koby as he had done a lot for her in the past. Now we know what exactly that was.

What did Koby do? The teddy bear on Hibari’s backpack is an important lucky charm for her. She has had him with her since she was a child. Unfortunately, she lost her bear in a battle after Koby saved her.

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Koby then rushed back onto the battlefield and searched for the bear. He returned injured, but had actually found him. His superiors didn’t approve of his behavior, but Hibari was overjoyed to thank her hero and even named the bear after Koby. If you haven’t read Oda’s Q&A, you may have missed this detail.

Koby can be seen in season 1 of the Netflix series:

One Piece: In the last, final trailer before the release, the Straw Hat Pirates set sail

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One Piece: In the last, final trailer before the release, the Straw Hat Pirates set sail

This is how fans react to the story

There are many fans in the comments who would like to see their own episode or OVA of the situation. They ask the production team at Toei Animation to get to work immediately and realize this beautiful story.

Others find it impressive how much attention to detail Oda puts into the story. The bear is not just an accessory, but a symbol of the friendship between Koby and Hibari. Some would even want Koby and Hibari to become a couple.

What do you think of Koby’s backstory?

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