One Piece Gives the Definitive Clue to Imu’s Identity

one piece gives the definitive clue to imu's identity

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One Piece Gives the Definitive Clue to Imu’s Identity

The origin of Imu is yet to be revealed.

One Piece Gives the Definitive Clue to Imu's Identity
One Piece manga chapter 1085 has given a definitive clue about the true identity of Imu.

During years, Eiichiro Oda has introduced a large number of mysteries that have aroused enormous interest in fans.Well, there have been so many enigmas that the series has left over the years that some fans have given themselves the task of obtaining answers on their own, which is why they have been making various hypotheses about the various secrets of the series. .

One of the most interesting and intriguing enigmas that the series has has to do with the true identity of Imu, the ultimate villain, who has had ephemeral appearances that have left many doubts, because Little is known about this mysterious individual. who has enough power to give orders to the five elders.

However, in the most recent chapters of the one piece manga it has been observed that the mystery about Imu’s identity could be revealedsince Oda has given some clues about the origin of this enigmatic villain.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1085 of the One Piece manga.

Imu’s true identity is yet to be revealed.

Imu's true identity is about to be revealed

Imu’s true identity is about to be revealed

Many have been the speculations that have arisen after the presentation of the enigmatic villain Imusince this individual has been in charge of maintaining a reEsports Extrasfrom the shadows, since the only ones who knew of his existence were the Five Elders, who have shown to follow the orders of this mysterious character who sits on the Empty Throne.

As they have been revealing details about the latest Levelythanks to Sabo’s flashbacks, it has been seen that, Imu has made an appearance before King Cobra to answer the big question about the meaning of the D, making a great impression on the monarch who is dismayed by such an individual.

That is why, the King Cobra, impressed by such an individual, comments that the name “Imu” has been heard beforewell one of the 20 monarchs who created the World Government was also called thatwhich has aroused curiosity within the fandom, since the villain does not confirm or deny if this is just a coincidence, so this is a great clue about the true identity of this enigmatic character, since it gives indications of the connection that exists between this and the 20 monarchs.

This disclosure is very interesting, since confirms Imu’s relationship with the ancient monarchs who created the World Government 800 years agodemonstrating that it is a character with deeper and more significant origins that apparently will be crucial in the development of future events.

As a result of this revelation, many fans have begun to make various theories about this character, as they have tried to find the answer to how this individual if he were to be the Imu King Cobra was referring to he has managed to stay alive for so longwhich has led many followers to speculate that he could have a *text muted* Fruit that grants him immortality, or failing that, that he has made use of the Ope Ope no Mito perform such a feat.

Eiichiro Oda yes, he has managed to maintain the aura of mystery in One Piece, because by revealing each enigma of the series they leave creating new questions that give way to endless hypotheses related to these impressive events that the mangaka has addressed in this recent arc.

It remains to wait for the plot to continue developing to know the true identity of Imuwhich apparently is about to be revealed, since indications have already been given that this character could be related to one of the 20 monarchs who created the World Governmentunless this is a ploy by Oda to divert the attention of the fans and surprise them with a shocking revelation, as the mangaka usually does.

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