One Piece has had an incredible year in 2022 and we tell you why

Tom Henry

The fantastic work of one piece from the author Eiichiro Oda, is known worldwide for its story, its characters, its length, its density, its connections, its clues, its mysteries, and also for its records in the manga and anime industry. This year 2022 has been a great year for this great work. For all the great successes and records that he has been able to break in different areas. One Piece has turned 25 in 2022and in this text I want to review the most significant moments of the work throughout the year.

I would like to highlight that the article has some very important spoilers about the plot if you don’t keep up with the mangaso I recommend you always read at your own risk.

One Piece has turned 25 in 2022, quite an achievement!

Monkey D Luffy and his friends have turned 25 in 2022 and it is not something that can be said very easily. The adventures of the straw hat began on July 22, 1997, with its first official publication in the Shōnen Jump. Since then, throughout these 25 years we have been surprised almost every week, since we must remember that Eiichiro Oda usually publishes a manga chapter almost every week of the year. It’s an incredible effort. Throughout all these years, we have a total of 1064 chapters that have made us enjoy a lot.

Not only do we have these record numbers related to manga, the anime has a total of 1045 episodes, that week by week also usually delights all those of us who enjoy the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy. And with all these numbers we can keep in mind that One Piece’s life could come to an end very soon, but nothing is further from reality. Yes it is true that his own Eiichiro Oda announced a few months ago that the final saga was about to begin, just after the end of the arc of Wano. But he himself has commented and emphasized that although the saga is in its final saga, there are still several years left.

The final saga that is revolutionizing everything

the final saga of one piece It is something that all fans have dreamed of from time to time. Solve the mysteries of the plot, find out what One Piece itself is, all the connections between the characters, the legends and ancient stories that have not yet been solved. An infinity of information and mysteries that make One Piece is in the eye of the hurricane every weekend since this final saga began.

Why do I highlight this final saga? Because it has started in this year 2022. Week by week, Eiichiro Oda is putting all the meat on the spit. No one knows for sure when the work of the most famous pirates in the world will end, but we do find ourselves at the moment when we can enjoy the whole essence of One Piece the most.

We have been able to meet God Nika, Luffy in Gear 5th, Dr.Vegapunk, the Seraphim and history has been rewritten with the New Yonko. We have been able to see I’m in action the new targets for the revolutionary pirates. A new era of piracy has begun that is changing the entire ‘status quo’ that we had in history and that Oda had planned for it to be so. Even more than changing, various ending points are being reached in certain narrative scenarios.

one piece

The worldwide success of One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film Red it has been the highest rated film and the greatest cinematographic success of the work. With an incredible collection that makes it the highest grossing film in the anime industry in Japan in this year 2022. During the month of the premiere I was making this compilation article with all the pertinent information about the film. Very important data and curiosities are included in the same text. Another reason for celebration is the advertising campaEsports Extrasthat One Piece carried out in Times Square. You can read their respective news here.

But that is not all. The year 2023 also looks like it’s going to be very special for One Piece. Some of the reasons are related to the release of the video game One Piece Odysseyand also certain clues that he has given Eiichiro Oda about the plot of the play. It’s a fantastic time to be a fan of this incredible creation. What do you think of One Piece in 2022? We read you in the comments!

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