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One Piece: If you really want to see all 1,078 anime episodes, you’re out of luck – one episode is lost forever

one piece: if you really want to see all 1,078

Luffy’s One Piece adventures are so extensive that a forgotten episode might not be that important…

One Piece has not only enjoyed great popularity since the Netflix film adaptation, but has also broken all records as a manga and anime series. The live action adaptation with real actors will of course give the world of pirates even more tailwind and many new fans.

If you’ve tasted blood and want to experience the complete story, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the manga: The anime series offers over 1,000 episodes, but one of them can now be seen almost nowhere.

One Piece: There are countless episodes, but one of them was only aired once and has now disappeared

That’s what it’s about: In the One Piece manga and anime, there is a story arc (aka arc) that revolves around a strange competition between pirates and takes place on Long Ring Long Land. The Straw Hat Pirate Gang competes in a so-called Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates, who have such illustrious names as Porsche and Hamburger, among others.


In the anime series This arc, which actually covers Episode 207 to Episode 219, was later summarized again in a single special episode called One Piece: Long Ring Long Land Arc — A One Night Abridged Special. This episode was released on the occasion of the One Piece special 16: Adventures on Nebulandia, in which Luffy and Co. meet the Foxy Pirates again.

Episode was only shown once: If you want to see the summary of the Davy Back Fight episodes today, watch the tube. The recap episode was only shown once in 2015 on Fuji TV and it could officially only be recorded with registration and on a special program recorder called Garapon TV (which, however, deletes all recordings after a while).

On streaming platforms The summary episode is no longer offered these days. At the same time, there was no re-release of any kind, neither as a re-broadcast nor on video, DVD or Blu-ray. Accordingly, they can only be seen online via illegal channels, if at all, but even that seems to be difficult.


The fans’ grief is limited: The entire Davy Back Fight or Long Ring Long Land arc is one of the most unpopular One Piece stories ever. That’s why no fan is likely to shed a tear after this summary. The fact that it has disappeared or disappeared in such a way may still be a thorn in the side of completionists.

What do you say about publications like these that simply don’t exist anymore? Do you think something like this should be preserved for posterity?