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One Piece may have revealed the power of the last ancient weapon

Some inventions of Dr. Vega Punk would have given a clue about the power of Uranus.

Throughout the history of One Piece we are seeing how the manga and anime of Eiichiro Oda does nothing more than approaching its inevitable endbeing so that little by little all the mysteries that have been raised for years are being resolved, including here the recent revelation about the identity of Bonney’s father and the objectives of this character.

Given this, it must be said that for a decade Ancient Weapons have been a complete mysterybeing surrounded by intrigue despite being a fundamental part of the story, thereby giving rise to Oda having already confirmed that the reveal of these Ancient Weapons is comingwhile in recent chapters of the manga we could have seen the power of Uranus, while this Ancient Weapon could have shown more of its power.

Uranus would be able to control the weather

Trafalgar Law and Luffy have become great allies throughout the series.  However, they are also rivals, as both are in search of One Piece.

Trafalgar Law and Luffy have become great allies throughout the series. However, they are also rivals, as both are in search of One Piece.

After the revelation of the identity of Dr. Vega Punk, it seems that the mysteries of One Piece are being solved as if they were pieces of dominoes falling one after another, thus giving rise to an invention of the star scientist of the World Government could have revealed more details of the power of Uranus during the Egghead Island arc.

Specifically, we must talk about a colossal mecha, a device to control sea beasts and a machine capable of controlling the weatherbeing so that the first two are clear references to Pluto and Poseidon, thus giving rise to this last invention being the one that is related to Uranusthereby implying what this ancestral weapon is capable of.

In fact, that this ancestral weapon can control the weather would fit with what happened in God Valley in the past, as well as with the recent events that have occurred with Sabo, thus justifying that with this ancestral weapon the World Government has a powerful tool to stop pirates.

Given this, it remains to be seen how the outcome of One Piece will be, but there is no doubt that there are still mysteries to solve before we know whether or not Luffy will take over the title of Pirate King.

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