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One Piece Netflix: a first opinion has fallen, it will surprise

one piece netflix: a first opinion has fallen, it will

The first review for Netflix’s One Piece live-action series has just been released. Fans who have been following Luffy’s adventures forever aren’t ready for what’s to come.


One more week until the release of the One Piece live-action series on Netflix. The community will be able to find Luffy, the Mugiwaras and the many characters created by Eiichiro Oda but this time embodied by real actors. Ahead of August 31, a date that millions of One Piece fans mark on their calendars, Netflix is ​​raising the hype with trailers and visuals shared regularly on social media. The excitement should still climb several notches, since a first concrete opinion concerning the show has just fallen.

The One Piece series should mark the public

The Movieweb media had the chance to discover six of the eight episodes of Netflix’s One Piece series in preview and delivers its opinion without spoiler. Let’s get down to business right away, the site describes the show as “the best live-action adaptation of an anime of all time.” Well, it should also be noted that the bar was not very high given the poor quality of live-action Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Evolution or Death Note. According to them, Netflix would nevertheless have learned from its mistakes with Cowboy Bebop.

Movieweb highlights the excellent performance of the main cast, especially that of Iñaki Godoy as Luffy. ” It captures the character’s boundless curiosity, contagious joy, and relentless optimism, but also lends him an appropriately competitive and naïve edge. “, can we read. The actor has therefore retained the strong personality traits of the Straw Hat without being satisfied with being a simple copy-paste without inspiration. Zoro and Nami would shine just as much as him with their accuracy and their interactions with Luffy would be a pleasure to watch.


As the synopses released a few weeks ago suggested, each episode revolves around one or two iconic heroes and villains. with a satisfying overall narrative “. Baggy the Clown, played by Jeff Ward, would also deliver a high-flying performance. Without saying too much, the media makes it clear to us that this adaptation would be a good surprise, especially since it does not issue the slightest criticism.

One PieceNetflix

A faithful adaptation to the manga and anime

And the fights? Special effects ? The main plot? Completely evaded by this first opinion which focuses mainly on the performance of the actors and the overall quality of the One Piece series. In any case, the fidelity to the original work of Eiichiro Oda would be there, which should reassure some skeptical fans. Moreover, the mangaka’s point of view throughout the production of the series has been partially revealed by the Japanese Netflix account and we learn that Eiichiro Oda quickly realized that Inaki Godoy was the perfect Luffy , as Movieweb advance. A special site that will trace the seven years of exchange during the production of the live-action One Piece will be released soon. Now that the first notice has been issued, the community will be eagerly awaiting August 31.