One Piece Netflix: new images that bother fans a lot

one piece netflix: a nice surprise announced. anime fans love

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One Piece Netflix: new images that bother fans a lot

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New images from Netflix’s One Piece live-action series have just been revealed and they are very disturbing to fans, who will however have to get used to them before August 31st.

The closer we get to the release of an expected work, the slower we get the impression that time is passing. That’s probably how One Piece fans feel, who must be counting down the days until the live-action adaptation hits Netflix. Especially since the SVOD giant is doing very well to raise the hype, as with the recent trailer called “Inside The Story” in which new characters have appeared. The platform continues its momentum by revealing new images that appeal to the community … but which also disturb.

One Piece live-action features a new ‘character’

It is again thanks to the X account of the One Piece series from Netflix that we discover new visuals. This time, the Navy is in the spotlight with the characters of Garp, Bogard and Koby. Moreover, the vice-admiral is in full use of a escargophone, which therefore shows up for the first time. Thanks to these somewhat special snails, it is possible to communicate over long distances. In the world of One Piece, there are different variants of these somewhat creepy beings that fans are still happy to find, despite their disturbing appearance. ” The Escargophones are scary, but it’s perfect, I love it! », « they did it, it’s horrible, but they did it », « they go from cute to creepy “, can we read under the post.

Clearly, these reactions show that the production has succeeded and that these little beasts are already making an impression. Beyond that, Morgan and his son Hermep, who had recently come to light, also make an equally convincing new appearance. In the live-action, the dad will be played by actor Langley Kirkwood and his offspring by young Aidan Scott.

The public already conquered?

These new images are clearly mouth-watering for all One Piece fans, like the first review for the show, which just dropped. Movieweb media describes the program as the best live-action adaptation of an anime of all time, just that. Well, it must be said that given the quality of Dragon Ball Evolution or the movie Death Note from Netflix, this is the minimum that the One Piece series had to do.

It remains to be seen whether the very demanding community that has been following Luffy’s adventures since his debut will also be won over by the program. We will soon have the answer, since the live-action One Piece composed of eight episodes will be released on August 31 on Netflix. A few lucky ones will have the chance to discover the first two episodes from August 29 at the Grand Rex, which should offer them great emotions.

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