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One Piece reveals Stussy’s hidden powers that no one expected

Stussy’s clone has very dangerous vampire powers.

One Piece reveals Stussy's hidden powers that no one expected
Stussy was a CP0 agent in One Piece.

After the Wano arc, one piece He is living his best moment for the followers. It has been revealed all details of Vegapunk’s plan, creating unexpected clones of characters that we hardly even remembered. Above all because they don’t look the same. One Piece chapter 1072 has offered more information about it and confirms the powers that the Stussy clone. A scene that he has left more than one open-mouthed.

To put in background, it must be said that Stussy was a CP0 agent known as Miss Buckingham. Fans first met this woman in the Zou Arc when her son Edward Weevil proclaimed himself the legitimate heir of Whitebeard, one of the One Piece most powerful characters. For his part, Stussy is the first successful human clone in MADS. It is not until the last chapter of the One Piece manga when Stussy shows her powers, being a fully improved version of the pirate One Piece has taught many kinds of skills, but nothing equal to this power.

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Stussy’s secret powers

One Piece Stussy Powers

Stussy bites Rob Lucci in the neck

At the end of it you can see the Stussy’s superhuman strength despite its delicate appearance. You only need one finger to forcefully push any enemy, causing a shock wave very powerful. That is not the only thing because One Piece left the most surprising for the last page. Stussy can incapacitate his enemies sucking their blood as if she were a vampire. This can be seen against Kaku who instantly feels the bite on her neck. After that, collapses on the ground without resisting.

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There is still no more information about this ability, since it could be caused by a *text muted* Fruit. Chapter 1073 is named after Stussy who is facing this time against Rob Lucci. First create a fake version of herself with the power “Paper Art” and then sneaks up from behind. Below is the bite and the stussy fangs more explicitly, a moment that will remain in the memory of One Piece fans for a long time.

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