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One Piece reveals the nature of Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki

It seems that it is more imposing than it seemed…

One Piece reveals the nature of Shanks' Conqueror's Haki

One of the Yonko in One Piece, Shanks is an incredibly powerful character who is also of great importance to the plot of the series. Shanks was introduced quite early in the story as the man who set Luffy on the path to becoming King of the Pirates. While Shanks spent most of his time on the sidelines, One Piece entering its final phase means now is the time for him to enter the fray as well. In the final arc, Shanks will be a key character and will make his presence felt, He is also a mighty powerful pirate and his main source of strength is his incredible Conqueror’s Haki..

Shanks was the first person in One Piece history to demonstrate its use. After saving Luffy from the Coast Lord in the East Blue, Shanks used Luffy’s Haki to intimidate the beast. Back then, fans had no idea of ​​the capabilities he possessed, however, it wasn’t long until everyone was given a good showing of this power. Soon after, Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, also made sure to establish the fact that Shanks’ Haki was beyond impressive. The two collided with their Haki, which ended up splitting the heavens themselves..

shank one piece

Shanks might be willing to go for the One Piece thanks to his powerful Conqueror’s Haki.

In the Marineford arc, Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki was able to intimidate even Akainu and made someone as strong as Coby completely pass out. It was already quite apparent that Shanks was an incredibly powerful user of Conqueror’s Haki, based on his interpretation. During his visit to Whitebeard, he was able to cause physical damage to the Yonko’s ship while trying to suppress his Haki.which was the first indication that this power was used as an offensive skill in physical combat.

Oda himself created a lot of buzz around Shanks’ Conqueror Haki when he was asked about this power in a corner of SBS. According to him, someone like Shanks could have easily taken out all 100,000 Fishmen in the Fishman Island arc, his power could be on par with the most powerful pirates like Whitebeard. Also, Shanks’ ability to intimidate others doesn’t just work in the forage. Instead, he managed to intimidate even Admirals, which is amazing as they are some of the strongest military guarding the World Order. In the Marineford arc, Akainu was seen sweating over Shanks unleashing his Conqueror’s Haki.

The True Power of Shanks’ Conqueror Haki is about to be unleashed in One Piece

At the same time, in One Piece 1055, Shanks showed the full extent of his Conqueror’s Haki by letting loose against Ryokugyu, Green Bull. Surprisingly, he was able to hit him with his Haki even though he was miles away.. From the seas around Wano, Shanks’ advanced use of this ability was such that it struck and paralyzed the Admiral and made him sweat quite easily, forcing him to retreat from the battle. Additionally, Shanks was also able to somehow communicate with Green Bull using his Haki despite being miles away from him. Whether or not this ability is related to his Conqueror’s Haki remains to be seen, however it’s apparent that Shanks’ use of this power is the best in the series at the moment.

shank one piece

In One Piece: Red, we could take a closer look at the limits of the power of his Emperor’s Haki, as part of the story will be centered around him.

In fact, some of his own crew were knocked unconscious when he unleashed Haki in a fit of rage in One Piece 1055. His top executives, such as Lucky Roux, were also seen fearing his display of power and urging him to calm down. and not go all out. Above all, Shanks hurting, crippling, and scaring an Admiral from miles away is proof enough that he is, indeed, in a league of his own and that is something that even Kaido’s strongest creature recognized during the Land of Wonder arc. Wano.

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