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One Piece: “The Perfect Cast” – Luffy actor visits manga studio and wins hearts of fans

one piece: "the perfect cast" luffy actor visits manga

Iñaki Godoy is the perfect Luffy for many fans.

The live-action adaptation of the anime One Piece will start exclusively on Netflix on August 31st. Fans can relive the beginnings of the Straw Hat Pirates all the way to the Arlong Park Arc in season one.

Luffy is played by Iñaki Godoy in the series. The actor now had the opportunity to travel to Japan and visit the offices of manga editor Shueisha there. With his visit, he reaps a lot of sympathy from the fans.


Luffy actor visits One Piece manga publishing house

Iñaki Godoy meets Hiroyuki Nakano, Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Shonen Jump. The latest chapter of the One Piece manga appears in this magazine (almost) every week.

After Godoy explains how happy he is to embody Luffy, he gets what is probably the editor-in-chief’s greatest compliment:

Visibly touched, Godoy touches his heart and hugs the editor-in-chief warmly. Aside from the encounter, the young actor is impressed by the amount of merchandise lying around the studio. He was particularly taken with a large plush specimen of the gum-gum fruit.


You can watch the full video of his studio visit on the Netflix Japan channel:

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Godoy reaps sympathy, but will he play Luffy well? In the video’s comment column, many fans agree with Editor-in-Chief Nakano’s opinion. They find Godoy extremely charming and can understand why One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda cast him in the role of Luffy. Godoy is already Luffy in everyday life (or at least in the Netflix video).

Other users write that they hope Godoy would get a lot of credit for his work. You could sense how honest and how in love he is with his work. Of course, we will only be able to judge for ourselves how well he actually embodies the role once the Netflix series has been released on August 31st.


You can get a taste of Godoy as Luffy by watching the following Netflix trailer of the One Piece series:

One Piece: Second Netflix Trailer shows us more of the story and characters from the live-action series

start video



One Piece: Second Netflix Trailer shows us more of the story and characters from the live-action series

Godoy was also given the opportunity to see the first original drawings by Eiichiro Oda from 1997. Godoy wasn’t even born at the time, as he reveals: the actor is only 19 years old.

He also likes the story of One Piece: he likes the story that it conveys important contents with friendship, courage and dreams and Luffy is the epitome of believing in your dreams.


Do you also see a bit of Luffy in Iñaki Godoy? Or would you have found another actor more suitable?