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One Piece: These are all the curiosities you should know about Zoro

The cast of One Piece is one of the greatest that we can find in any anime, and it is that this is a direct consequence of its mammoth extension. This leads us to the fact that we can spend days talking about the curiosities of these characters, and not only because of the exaggerated amount that we have to choose from, but because they are all unique, something that we already told you about in our article about the reasons to see One Piece.

In this case we are going to talk about one of the most important characters in history, and that is that we are referring to, neither more nor less, that the vice-captain of the Mugiwaras: Zoro Roronoa. Specifically, we will talk to you about all the curiosities you should know about this character so loved by fans.


Before we start, you should know that we will also talk about things from the manga below, and which have not yet appeared in the anime. For this reason, we recommend that if you are not up to date with the original work, stay tuned for any alert we make about spoilers.

The inspiration behind the character

We have already seen on other occasions, such as when we talk about Kizaru’s curiosities, that Oda likes to take inspiration from real people to bring his characters to life. In this case we are talking about one of the main characters, and it could not be less, although we have to go back many years to find What character is the vice-captain of the Mugiwaras inspired by?.

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Specifically, Zoro is inspired by Francois l’Olonnais, a real pirate who lived in the 17th century, and who was known to be one of the cruelest of his time. This was confirmed by the same author in an interview, since until then there was no idea of ​​what figure this legendary swordsman was inspired by.

Zoro has his own “Jolly Roger”

Jolly Roger Zoro

Many of you, even having seen the series, may have no idea what a “jolly roger” is. To summarize, it is What is the symbol on pirate flags called?, being that each captain has his own. In this case, and although none of the Mugiwaras (except Luffy) are captains, Oda decided to give each one their own “jolly roger”, so yes, Zoro has his own.


You may have already seen it, and it is so characteristic that you can tell, at first glance, that It is about the one that represents Zorothe one who aspires to be the best swordsman in the world.

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A rather curious taste for food

If there is something that One Piece is characterized by, already looking at the mundane, It is in the number of times that they show us the protagonists eating. The most curious thing about this is, precisely, that after so many banquet scenes we have not realized what each one’s favorite food is (with very obvious exceptions).


Specifically, we can say that, unless you had already consulted it in advance, very few people would guess what Zoro’s favorite delicacies are. Redundancy aside, her favorite foods are white rice and sea monster meat, beings that we can’t say they look appetizing.

Didn’t ingest a *text muted* Fruit

*text muted* Fruits

The powers within One Piece are based on two bases: the different types of Haki, and the *text muted* Fruits, the latter being the most recurring, as well as the reason why most characters can do extraordinary things. This leads to most strong pirates being strong, largely due to ingesting one.

Also, this is more curious, because it turns out that Zoro is part, along with Killer, of the select club of pirates of the worst generation who have not ingested a *text muted* Fruit (although the case of Killer is particular, but we would have to enter spoilers), which also happen to be the only ones that are not captains.

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Zoro: A Potential Assassin

Roronoa Zoro

Due to the fact that his way of fighting is with swords, and from his appearance, it could already be deduced that he is a character who does not hesitate to kill, like many other pirates, but the curious thing does not stop there. We refer specifically to the fact that He is the only Mugiwara to have killed another character during the series..

Of course, this has nuances, because it has killed, being specifically 4 its victimsbut of these only 2 were human, while the other two murdered characters were of animal origin.


His popularity does not wane

Zoro and Luffy One Piece

It is already a classic to talk about the popularity polls of the manga, and it is that these allow us to better understand the taste of the consumers of these works. In the case of One Piece, we have had 6 popularity pollsand the reality is that Zoro has done very well in all of them.

Getting into the matter, this character has come in second in the first four polls. In the fifth, she dropped to fifth place, before returning to second with the sixth popularity poll.

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