One Piece: These are the biggest weaknesses of Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation

one piece: these are the biggest weaknesses of luffy's gear

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One Piece: These are the biggest weaknesses of Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation

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Monkey D. Luffy soars to new heights in One Piece with Gear 5, but they also fall deep.

One Piece is slowly but surely nearing its end and protagonist Monkey D. Luffy is at the peak of his powers. Of course, Gear 5 plays an important role: With this, the strongest transformation to date, the hero outshines everything that has gone before and attains almost infinite power. But of course it doesn’t remain without weaknesses and so there are still some things that can be dangerous for Luffy.

One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear 5 not only has strengths but also weaknesses

What is Gear 5? Luffy’s latest transformation stage. He got it in the fight against Kaido after actually (almost) dying. His heart beats at a different rhythm thanks to Gear 5 and the only limit to his abilities is Luffy’s imagination.

What Gear 5 can do: Gear 5 is likely to be Luffy’s final and ultimate form. She gives him the ability to create things, walk in air, and even transfer his powers to other people. Literally capable of making the impossible possible, the One Piece hero is almost unstoppable.

One Piece: Teaser trailer shows Luffy's Gear 5

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One Piece: Teaser trailer shows Luffy’s Gear 5

This can still be dangerous for Luffy despite Gear 5:

Blackbeard: The greatest danger for Monkey D. Luffy is and remains Blackbeard – even with Gear 5, maybe even more. It seems inevitable that the two will meet. Blackbeard has the ability to suck everything in like a black hole thanks to his Yami Yami no Mi *text muted* Fruit. This also applies to Monkey D. Rufy’s *text muted* Fruit power and accordingly to his Gear 5 power.

Blackbeard the 2nd: Should Blackbeard also be able to awaken his Logia *text muted* fruit at some point, things should look even darker for Luffy. Literally, Blackbeard could radiate his darkness and wouldn’t even have to get close to Luffy to rob him of his powers (via: GameRant).

*text muted* Fruit Weaknesses: Gear 5 does not automatically protect Luffy from the normal dangers that *text muted* Fruit users face. For example, the One Piece hero loses his powers when he is completely underwater. Then there’s the Seastone material, which also neutralizes *text muted* Fruit powers, just like the bubbles from Vegapunk’s Bubblegun.

Possibly also Imu: Last, but not least, Luffy should also become dangerous to Imu. We still know very little about the mysterious being, but since Imu sits as ruler on the Empty Throne and alone decides the fate of the world, it stands to reason that Luffy will have to deal with Imu – and that Imu will have special ones Possesses powers that could render Gear 5 harmless.

Did we forget a particular Gear 5 weakness? Do you think there will be another stage of transformation after that?

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