One Piece: what really happened in God Valley?

Tom Henry

A One Piece mystery that could find its resolution.

One Piece is today one of the great anime and manga worksbeing that the work of Eiichiro Oda is considered one of the great products that has emerged in the Japanese country, which has led to the fact that even with more than two decades behind, remains one of the most followed series worldwide. In fact, the premiere of each chapter of the manga ends up being a trend on social networks.

Having said all this, it must be made clear that, with all the time that One Piece has behind him, it is logical to think that everything is already sung when it comes to their plots. However, the truth is that One Piece continues to keep many mysteries, which should be resolved soon with the start of the final arc. And of all these, one of the most prominent is the one that surrounds God Valley.

The story of God Valley begins with Rocks D. Xebec

One Piece: what really happened in God Valley?

Rocks D. Xebec is one of the great pirates of the past in One Piece

First of all, it should be noted that the god valley incident took place on this very island which has completely disappeared by Luffy’s time. And in that sense it could be said that it all started with Rocks D. Xebec, captain of the Rocks pirates and, in a sense, the predecessor of Gol D. Roger as far as the highest authority of the pirates is concerned. And it was all because he discovered that the Heavenly Dragons were on the islandso it didn’t take long to attack her.

This brought with it that the Marines had to face them, while Monkey D. Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, had to ask for the help of Gol D. Roger to face the Rocks Pirates, this being something that, although it is not that it gave them a huge advantage, it would even out things in the confrontation. So that you can get an idea, Rocks gang had some of the most dangerous beings of the One Piece universe, which included Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido, who would end up as part of the Four Emperors of the Sea.

However, despite the enormous potential of this team, it must be said that Rocks was far from being an exemplary captainsince it has been known that he even attacked his own crewmates, this being something that little by little brought him closer to his dream of become the ruler of the world at any cost, the attack on God Valley being just one more step to reach this goal which could have been some secret behind.

The most recent chapter of the manga would have given clues to what happened in God Valley

Sabo, the Flame Emperor, who is revered as a God after his great deeds

Sabo, the Flame Emperor, who is revered as a God after his great deeds

It is not difficult to say that, with such a name, God Valley lent itself to being the location of some secret that would have helped Xebec in his quest to be the ruler of the world, although this is something that has not yet been clarified by Oda to date.

Be that as it may, and focusing on the battle, it must be said that this fact brought with it lots of changessince the final result was given with the victory of the Marines and the pirates of Gol D. Roger in front of Rocks. However, and without knowing for sure what happened on this site today, god valley island disappeared from the map. In this way, the mystery has remained alive to date, but it is quite likely that everything can change based on the last chapter of the manga.

This is because in the same chapter 1060 we have been able to see that Sabo has been one of the great protagonistsbeing so that during his stay in the Kingdom of Lulusia, Luffy’s adoptive brother has witnessed a mysterious attack from the sky which has made us think that it is the last ancestral weapon: Uranus.

The Navy is using espionage to defeat pirates

Admirals Borsalino, Sakazuki and Kuzan

Navy admirals are Logia-type *text muted* Fruit users.

This same attack has brought disastrous consequences for the island, since the kingdom of Lulusia has been destroyed. However, before this happened, it has been seen that Imu, leader of the World Government, and through the use of espionage to find out the location of Sabo, walked towards a map and marked with an X the island. Seconds later the attack took place.

If we take this into account, it goes without saying that the way and the process that has occurred, so sudden, makes it easy to relate this event to the one that occurred in God Valley, so that the mysterious island could have suffered the same fate, being erased from existence by an attack by the World Government. And it seems that to achieve this Uranus would have been used, the mighty ancient weapon.

It should be noted that this has been making sense over time, since, after all, Uranus is the only ancient weapon left to discoverbeing so that knowing that Pluto is underground and Poseidon under the sea, it is not difficult to relate Uranus with the sky, especially knowing that the Roman god on which he bases his name was precisely the one from the sky.

Also, Imu was the ruler of the world when the battle in God Valley took place, so it should not be ruled out that, in order to finish Rocks D. Xebec once and for all, he chose to destroy the island completely before see her in the hands of this hated pirate. In fact, it must be said that the effect was twofold, since on the one hand it was possible to disrupt Xebec’s plans while they took it out of the waysince since then the pirate has been little by little forgotten.

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