One Piece: Zorro wants to become ‘King of Hell’ – that’s behind the dark nickname

Tom Henry

one piece: zorro wants to become 'king of hell'

Zorro is nicknamed by his sword Enma.

The swordsman Zoro is one of Luffy’s strongest crew members. With his three-sword style, he has over the course of One Piece learned many techniques and continued to improve. This is how he gets closer and closer to his goal of becoming the best swordsman in the world.

In the Wa no Kuni arc, there is an iconic scene in which he refers to himself as the “King of Hell” upon defeating a certain opponent. Fans believe there is more to this name than initially suspected. We explain to you what is behind the fan theory.

Spoiler alert: The following text contains the events before and during episode 1062 of One Piece.

The origin of Zorro’s name as “King of Hell”

Where does the term come from? Zorro has a tough fight with Lunaria Alber, also called King. During the exchange of blows, Zorro has to surpass himself and ultimately manages to defeat King. He says that he should become the king of hell.

During the fight, Zoro develops the “King of Hell Three Sword Style”, an evolution of his three sword style. For this technique he uses not only his Armor Haki, but also his King Haki.

The Armor Haki penetrates his swords, making them even more powerful and extending their range. With this, Zoro manages to penetrate King’s skin and injure him. The King Haki, on the other hand, manifests itself in the form of black lightning and is used for contactless combat.

You can watch this iconic scene in the video below:

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The sword Enma, which Zorro receives from Hiyori in Wa no Kuni, forces its user to give armor haki to the sword without his consent. Therefore, it can only be wielded by extremely strong swordsmen who do not lose all of their energy due to the effect.

It is this sword that gives Zorro his nickname. In Japanese mythology, Enma is the king of hell and the ruler of the afterlife. Since Zoro acquires Enma and uses it in battle, he gives himself the nickname.

This fan theory is behind the “King of Hell”

A fan suspects that Zorro doesn’t call himself the “King of Hell” for nothing. In a thread in the Reddit forum, users are discussing whether Zorro died during his fight with Bartholomew Bear and was resurrected as King of Hell.

Many believe that the theory is not true. Users praise him for his creativity, but correct him. Zorro actually died during the scene, but his soul got lost on the way to the afterlife. That’s why she decided to return.

Do you suspect there is a greater meaning behind Zorro than “King of Hell”?

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