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One Punch Man confirms the strangest survivor of his last battle

This character has taken a huge risk to try to stay alive.

The new season of One Punch Man has started and with it they have given new revelationssince Garou could end up being a hero after all he’s causedsomething that for sure will create a lot of controversy between the other characters.

after the arduous combat between the association of heroes and monstersthe panorama of the city has been totally devastatedgiving indications that the most of the Kaijin have been eliminatedthis being one victory in favor of Saitama and company.

However, recently, it has confirmed that one of the strangest characters in the series is still alive. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #172 of the One Punch Man manga.

Who is the survivor that has been confirmed?

Black Sperm has managed to survive

Black Sperm has managed to survive

The last battle that has been fought in the One Punch Man universe has achieved completely end the association of monsterstaking one clear victory for the heroesthanks to Saitama who closed this confrontation with a flourish, by defeat Garou from another timeline with his fist of causality.

Although this battle left many casualties on both sidesit turns out that not all have been fatalbecause apparently some of the characters that least expected in the series.

On the other hand, before Saitama will repair the damage caused by Garou in another timelinethe majority of S-rank heroes had been poisoned by radiation. Like many Kaijin. However, it was confirmed that several villains had survived the fight but their whereabouts were unknown.

In view of this, the S-class hero named Pig God still in recovery, he has decided to escape from the hospital and return to the place where this battle was fought to inspect the area, because he still had doubts that some Kaijin were prowling the place.

Apparently the this hero’s suspicions turn out to be truebecause being looking for signs of life from the Kaijinmeets Evil Natural Water, who survived Saitama’s Serious Punch. Finding it, Pig God quickly launches on him and devours himdigesting it and ending once and for all with that monster.

Pig God quickly pounces on Evil Nature Water and devours it

Pig God quickly pounces on Evil Nature Water and devours it

On the same battlefield hidden under a rock it’s found Black Spermterrified visualizing everything that Pig God did, because he knows that at being found awaits the same fate as Evil Natural Water suffered. However, the S-class hero remove from sitethis being a relief for this monster.

Black Sperm trying to escape realizes that Saitama and Genos are in the same place collecting objectsseeing them, this monster quickly remembers that the bald hero was the one who defeated Garou with a single blowlamenting his bad luck in trying to flee the site.

However, Black Sperm visualize that Saitama is petting what appears to be a dogbut on closer inspection, you realize that it’s about Overgrown Pochi who has shrunk to that sizeafter being defeated.

Also, Black Sperm notes that Saitama hasn’t ended Pochi’s lifeon the contrary, he finds himself caressing it, believing that it is a dog, so this monster comes up with the idea of ​​trying to befriend the bald hero to try to survive a little longer.

Black Sperm decides to take a risk and tries to empathize with Saitama

Black Sperm decides to take a risk and tries to empathize with Saitama

In this way, One Punch Man has confirmed that Black Sperm is a survivor of this hard fight between good and evil.

It remains to wait for the next chapter to know what decides to do Saitama about this monster that has appeared to him out of nowhere looking for your friendship.


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