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Onimusha, the classic Capcom game, is adapted into a new Netflix anime

onimusha, the classic capcom game, is adapted into a new

Capcom’s cult classic game Onimusha comes to life in a new Netflix anime adaptation.

Onimusha, Capcom’s popular hack-and-slash series from the 2000s, is being adapted into an anime by Netflix. Although the series, which will premiere on November 2, does not directly follow any of the four console titles, it maintains the samurai style and action that made the franchise a success two decades ago.

The plot of Onimusha follows the story of swordsman and strategist Miyamoto Musashi in the early Edo period, where peace and prosperity are threatened by an invasion of demons. Musashi, equipped with the mystical Oni Gauntlet, is on a mission to destroy this imminent threat and protect those close to him.


At first glance, the Onimusha trailer looks impressive. It is expected to be on par with other acclaimed adaptations such as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane.

The series has considerable talent. Takashi Miike, known for his work on Audition, serves as supervising director, while Dragon’s Dogma anime director Shinya Sugai and studio Sublimation are also involved.