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Original Forspoken Scriptwriter Says Endgame Doesn’t Look Like His Proposal

Forspoken, the new open-world role-playing video game from publisher Square Enix and developer Luminous Productions, has generated mixed sensations. While most players agree that its spell-based combat system is quite fun and dynamic, history has been one of the most criticized aspects of the title mainly because it is full of clichés and dialogues that have not been worked on. Apparently, this much-discussed aspect could have been very different, since according to Gary Whitta, original screenwriter, the plot of the final product has been revealed. does not correspond at all to what was initially proposed.


“I did a first part of building the world of Forspoken“Whitta explains in a talk he has had with Alanah Pearce, a writer at Santa Monica Studios. “Square came to see me five or six years ago and said: ‘we have this idea, would you be willing to help us build the world, mythology and history?’“. Whitta points out that he agreed to participate in the project and that, in fact, he contributed an initial proposal. However, Luminous decided to change the history of Forspoken for it to be more about interdimensional portals despite Whitta being credited in the game.

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“A few months later, amya another of the writers came back and said, ‘We’re going to start over and completely reboot the story, we want this to be this now,’” Whitta continued. “The problem was that at that time neither I nor the other writer were available anymore, and they wanted us to write everything ourselves.” The screenwriter states in the same talk that Athia, the name of the fantasy world in which Forspoken takes place, is the only thing that was not ruled out of his proposal.

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Good combat weighed down by an outdated open world

Forspoken It’s a game with good ideas and a very solid gameplay base, but with such a boring and uninteresting open world desEsports Extrasthat it ends up weighing down the experience a lot more than we would have liked, something that becomes more and more evident. with the passing of the hours. In its favor we have to say that the combat system is original and very dynamic, that there are very spectacular and well-planned bosses and that going around Athia doing magical parkour is tremendously satisfying, virtues that are in a constant struggle to prevail over their various defects and very little stimulating content. It is still an entertaining game with which we have had a good time and which has its moments, but which, in the end, has fallen short of magic”, we concluded in our analysis. You can take a look at our guide if you want to discover all the secrets that Athia hides.

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