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Our beloved Sackboy is about to reach mobile phones and we tell you everything you need to know


Our beloved Sackboy is about to reach mobile phones and we tell you everything you need to know

Both Nintendo and Sony have seen how to date they have tried to bring some of their most popular franchises to the mobile devicesSometimes with greater success than other times. PlayStation Studios wanted to try their luck again and this time it will be with the recently announced ultimate sackboy.

This is a new installment of the LittleBigPlanet saga whose development will be carried out by the Exient studio. In fact, it is not the first time that the series has made the leap to mobile devices, because a few years ago it already did so with Run Sackboy! Run!although this time the proposal is somewhat different from that of this title that is also available for PS Vita.

To give you an idea of ​​everything that is coming, we are going to tell you Everything We Know About Ultimate Sackboy so far, whose presentation trailer you have just below.

Running non-stop on circuits full of obstacles

It is seen that the endearing Sackboy loves that about run and run non-stop through the scenarios, because that is precisely what he will dedicate himself to doing in this new adventure. The iconic protagonist of LittleBigPlanet will decide to participate in the so-called Ultimate Games, an obstacle course tournament and the most prestigious that exists in all of Craftworld.

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It is then that it will get fully into some tracks with a vertical desEsports Extrasin which there will indeed be traps to give and take everywhere, because the game will put our reflexes to the test when it comes to jumping, sliding, grabbing onto elements located on the air or even roll. Whatever it takes to move forward without being hit.

Ultimate Sackboy 01

As usual in this type of game, it seems that at first it will be more or less simple until little by little the speed will increase more. At the same time, there will be collect the most bubbles that will be distributed throughout the levels, since they are essential to gain victory when competing against other adversaries.

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In addition, playing will be rewarded, because the more you progress, the more different phases will be unlocked, which will offer a greater variety of tracks with their corresponding challenges. Thus, you can visit places that are created with seams to the corridors inside a library that are made by hand on paper.

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A good way to invite us to enter daily

Beyond running through the levels to be the champion of the Ultimate Games, there are other ways to pass the time, such as the Daily Duels. It is a modality that, as its name suggests, will present us with challenges on a daily basis that will deliver very succulent rewards if they are successfully completed.

However, for this you will have to win contests, tournaments, marathon events and another series of the craziest competitions in order to get coins, prizes and you can also get the clothes worn by rival players. In fact, We can modify the appearance of our own Sackboy At any time.

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Ultimate Sackboy 02

For this there will be a wide variety of garments with hundreds of items to collect. In the same presentation video you have some examples, but of course it cannot be denied that there will be everything so that we can give our character the personal touch that we like the most.

In fact, everyone who is available from day one will be joined more over time through season passes that will include very special costumes. At first it seems that ultimate sackboy It will be a fun game to spend time with on mobile devices, something that they have already been able to verify in some countries of the world through closed betas.

Its official launch is expected for on February 21 on iOS and Android in the form of free-to-play. Until then you can pre-register on Google Play or you can also follow Exient through their social networks to keep up to date with everything, such as through Twitter or your Instagram account.

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