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“Our Core 13 processors will reach 6 GHz as standard”

From Israel, from the Technology Tour 2022 that Intel has held to publicize new news about its already known Core 13, we get interesting statements from the company. The biggest is the one that says in the headline, since without any fear Intel has slipped that, indeed, its Core 13 will reach 6 GHz totally as standardstock, without any overclock involved, being the first CPU in history that reaches that frequency.

We have not seen this round figure in any of the leakers, and it seems that it is a project that Intel has already had in mind for a few months as a result of what AMD could do with the frequencies in its Ryzen 7000. It seems that those in blue want to mark ground, and although they have not revealed anything more than this data in reference to it, it is most likely that we are facing a new processor.

Intel Core i9-13900KS, the model that will reach 6 GHz?

Logic tells us that it will be so and that with it Intel intends not only to reach this round figure, but also wants to get 200 MHz more from AMD. The interesting thing here is that Intel has not confirmed or denied its arrival date, and therefore, it is not ruled out that they will surprise in just a week and a half when they are presented.

On the other hand, the rumors in Israel have broken out and we already find several journalists stating that it is the answer to the Ryzen 7000X3D, and that ultimately, could come after the CES 2023, being presented at said event. But there are more data to deal with outside of this hypothetical i9-13900KSin addition, being statements of the company and not rumors.

Intel has revealed that the leap from performance to one core will be 15%, although he has not referred to the IPC, while in multicore the GAP increases up to 41% against Alder Lake, all measured in SPECintrate_2017, so we can expect smaller gains in less conducive and more realistic environments. However, Intel emphasizes that the overall performance gain is +40%more than juicy numbers for the “supposed” few changes that the architecture will have and that we have already broken down.

An overclock of 8 GHz or higher to break records

Therefore, what we saw last week is now a reality: the i9-13900K will reach 8 GHz without too many problems and it is more than likely that the record held by AMD for almost 20 years will end up falling, and with it they would surpass a single core 8.7GHz of which we speak.

But do you know the “worst” of all this? Well, it has just been confirmed that Raptor Lake as an architecture was never planned from the beginning. only exists because Meteor Lake and its Core 14 were not on time, something they realized two years ago. On the other hand and being something logical, the GPU and the IO have not changed with respect to the predecessor architecture, the higher frequencies will do the rest in terms of performance.

Finally, Doctor Ian Cutress, when asked if Intel had commented on something in relation to the TDP or cooling for these Core 13, he replied that some cooling will be needed. Or what is the same, they will not be extremely cool, but they can be cooled without problems, something that did not happen with the Core 12, and that these Core 13 reach 6 GHz as standard.

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