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outperforms TSMC at 3nm and takes away customers

This 2023 will mean a turning point in the semiconductor market. TSMC has dominated the last decade almost with an iron fist, to the point that Intel is going to the race… And Samsung partially gave up on developing more advanced and cutting-edge nodes after its 8nm, the rest was LPP. This movement, very risky because in addition to trying to go “lower” involved changing the type of transistor, it is now paying off, and that is Samsung outperforms TSMC to “same” lithographic node.

Of course you have to quote “same”, even “same lithographic node” if you want to be precise. We already know that the number does not indicate the density in terms of parity, nor the Pitch Gate, nor the performance or efficiency, but comparatively speaking with marketing in hand, as they say, “it is what it is”. For this reason, the comparison of data, prices and customers begins to move in favor of the Koreans, to the surprise of all.

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Samsung overtakes TSMC after going down to hell


Samsung literally touched hell in Q3 last year. The performance rate was such a problem that we thought of jumping directly to the second generation of 3nm and trying to solve the problems there. Luckily, with the help of an American company they were able to channel the situation and little by little it went from a 20% success to 50%and from there they are more than 70% loosely. Seeing is believing with such a short time frame.

To this, and given that Samsung’s 3nm node is the most advanced right now in the world for chips, we must add a lower price per wafer.


TSMC wafers price

Instead, TSMC is skyrocketing prices. His wafers already cost more than $20,000 for those 3 nm and only Apple is being able to afford to buy them in very low volumes…

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Everything seems, as we have been saying, focused more on 2024 that by 2023 and except for a last-minute surprise, it will be like this. AMD, Intel, Qualcomm or NVIDIA, even Baidu, postpone everything due to prices and zero demand, but what about Samsung?


The fallen angel touches the sky again

Samsung 3nm GAA

From hell to heaven in just over 6 months. The 3 nm GAA from the Koreans have managed to reduce power consumption compared to its predecessor by a Four. Five%the area in a 16% and achieve improved performance of the +23%. That counting all the problems they had.

But it is that they are not going to stop there and they already report that the second generation of the node will take the levels higher and with fewer problems, since compared to the first generation N3 the new N3 V2 will manage to reduce consumption another fifty%improve performance other 30% and the area in an impressive 35% in just 11 months.

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Let’s remember that they include transistors GAA, Samsung shelved FinFETs, so they are going to take two steps forward over their rivals. What consequences does this have? Well, the entire high performance industry has its eyes on the Koreans… And they are signing with them leaving TSMC in whole or in part.

The names that are confirmed have already been named above: IBM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Baidu. Now all Samsung has to do is produce at a volume that is simply close to that of TSMC. Could 2024 be disruptive in the semiconductor market? Of course, at the very least, everything has become much more interesting, because we must not forget Intel, which is last in the race, but which is going like a Space X rocket and plans to take the lead in two years, almost nothing seen the seen…


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